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Confession: I spent 2 WHOLE hours online shopping yesterday during the kids’ naptime.  I SHOULD have spent that time making this post awesome.  But I didn’t.  I do have some pretty sweet $8 headphones to show for it though.

grouponI’m hoping to actually CASH THIS ONE IN, instead of adding it to my ever-growing pile of Groupons that are about to expire.  I think that tally is now up to 7.  Maybe 8.  Who knows?  (Travis does, and he makes it a point to say something snarky about all this lost money on a weekly basis).

Nice little rabbit trail right there.

Ah yes, Tuesday Trainer.

Welcome to the 12th edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  The theme for this week’s workout is BOSU/Stability Ball work!

This might just be my favorite week, ya’ll.  Not because I love these pieces of equipment, but because my contributing trainers TOOK THIS THEME TO A WHOLE N’OTHER LEVEL!  Makes me smile just thinking about it.

A couple of things:

  • Video-bombs by Kristin’s babies and Janetha’s dogs.
  • There were several “same move” submissions – it’s like they called one another and discussed what to do.  Everybody had the “cool move” in mind and they didn’t dare say that one out loud.  Then, when you showed up to the school dance, everyone is wearing the same Limited Too outfit.  Er, I mean has the same move.  Yeah.
  • Christin has a pillow Bosu.  Just rad.
  • Lindsay has a flippin’ imaginary Bosu.  Even radder.
  • After filming a repeat move, Bonnie sprinted home from the dance, changed into a punk-rocker dress, did her hair in dreads and submitted a whole different move.  Take that!

Yep.  This was my favorite week.  And if you followed that whole move/school dance joke, kudos!

I’m going to do another TT soon and the theme will be BALANCE.  So that’s why I’m not going into why Bosu/Stability Ball work is important.  It’s not because I shopped online instead of writing that out.  It’s not.

So you just get the workout and the moves.  The best parts anyway.

The Workout

Trainer Tips:  This FULL BODY workout will be a mix of MAXIMAL STRENGTH moves and BALANCE moves.  Working in circuits, you’ll alternate between maximal strength moves (lifting as heavy as possible, with proper form) and balance moves.

Equipment:  Heavy weights, a BOSU, and a Stability Ball.


Warmup – 5-10 minutes of moderate cardio (your choice)

Stretch – 5 minutes

CORE CIRCUIT – Perform each move for 30 seconds, move to the next.  Repeat for a total of 2-3 times through.

  • Plank & Twist
  • Back Extension
  • Ball Tuck

MS/BALANCE CIRCUIT – Perform each move for specified rep/time, move to the next, until circuit is complete.  Rest 60-90 seconds.  Repeat for a total of 2-3 times through.

Exercise Repetitions
Bench Press 8-10
Pop Ups 60 seconds
Overhead Press 8-10
Lateral Jumping Squat 60 seconds
Lat Pulldown 8-10
Ball Hamstring Curls 20

Bonus Move: BOSU Burpees, performed for 60 seconds.

Cooldown and Stretch

The Moves

Plank & Twist – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Back Extension – ME


Ball Tuck – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


Ball Tuck – Katie, yesiwantcake


Ball Tuck (TRX Tuck) – Bonnie, bonnielangfitness


Pop-Ups – Bonnie, bonnielangfitness


Lateral Jumping Squat – Christin, christinjoyful


Lateral Jumping Squat – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Hamstring Curls – Allie, colourmehappy


BOSU Burpee – Kristin, STUFTmama


Fun week, right??  Thanks ladies for your hard work!  I plan to do this one on Thursday (a lifting day for me this week).  If you’d like to participate (and ANYONE can, blogger or not!), come back on Thursday when I’ll announce the next theme!

**Before I go, I want to give a shout out to my amazing friend, Holly. Not only did she design my new header (isn’t it beautiful?!?!), but right now, she’s trying to raise funds for the Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin (such a great idea!).

Forgo Starbucks for a week and send that money to give underserved people in Haiti medical attention they severely need! Go here for more details!**


Happy Tuesday friends!!  You have my permission to go wild.  Your choice of activity.


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  1. Bonnie, Katie, Kristin ~ I love/hate ball tucks. Apparently everyone else does too.
    Lindsay ~ You are so creative – nice with the imaginary bosu.
    Christin, Janetha ~ Lateral moves are so great! Thanks for the reminder.
    Kristin ~ Push ups & burpees are about the only thing I do regularly on the bosu at the gym; challenging for sure. bu..byeee. cute.
    Lindsay ~ Back extensions! Definitely a neglected area — super workout!
    Love TT. Thanks ladies!

  2. Holy awesome workout. Great moves, fun comments, fabulous friends. Tuesday Trainer just freaking rocks! :) Can’t wait to try these other moves (without crying kiddos). 2 whole hours of online shopping Linds? Sounds like pure bliss. :)

  3. Awesome moves everybody! I will be busting out this workout at the gym tonight. No stares, no gain. Bummed I missed out (again) but I am dedicated to submitting next week. Happy Tuesday!

  4. I wish I was as brave as some of these awesome girls and filmed a move at the gym – but I am definitely ready to give this a try this weekend. :) I wish I would have thought of the pretend bosu, excellent idea. Some creative women representin’!

  5. Okay yes…how awesome was this week? Great minds think alike…Janetha, I like your style especially teehee :) Travis was skeptical of my pillow-BOSU skills, so he was cracking up trying to take that video…good times!

    Allie, super impressive with the one leg hamstring curl…you’re my new hero…

    Thanks Lindsay for putting together another awesome workout! 2 hours of shopping on “Cyber Monday” isn’t bad at all! Sounds pretty restrained in my book, and those are awesome looking headphones. :)

  6. Love the moves! And as always, your comments are the best! :D Thanks for the fun shout-out. ;)

    Great work, ladies/babies/puppies! I love this and look forward to it on Tuesdays! Make it a great day, all!