That’s a lie..there’s nothing in this post about snobbery.  I just thought it’d get your attention and make you read the post.

Did it work?

Now you’re pissed that I didn’t write a “Pretty Woman” story about me going into a boutique and getting rejected for pushing Henry and Clara through the doors in a Walmart cart, while wearing a wad of messy bouffant hair and a super sweaty face.  Then I go back in the next day with my hair washed and straightened and say to the clerk, “I was in here yesterday.  Guess you missed out on me ever using my Groupon here!”  Hip cocked, swing the hair, swivel on one leg and walk out.

That didn’t happen.

I’m not even sure why I just typed all that out.  Sometimes ridiculous stuff comes and you guys bare the brunt.

What DID happen yesterday was that I was super, really, crazy busy!  First, our internet was down for most of the morning!  My world stopped!  Don’t they know who I am?!?  (The lady at Frontier – “Um, suuuuure you’re famous and I’m sure you’re lists are important.  But the tech won’t be out until noon, honey child.”)

Between being a mommy, teaching two classes, and auditioning for Aladdin (fingers crossed on being cast as Jafar!), I didn’t have time to FILM MY TUESDAY TRAINER!

I know!  Not ok.

Don’t worry, it’ll be up tomorrow!  I’ll still tell you what we’re doing.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is RESISTANCE BANDS!

Insert my video here.  (looking awesome and hot)

For the next four weeks (until we REST again), we’ll be starting an “equipment” series!  Fun, right?  Depending on what types of submissions I get, we might be doing the ENTIRE workout with the certain piece of equipment, or possibly just parts.

Feel free to come up with any move you want that incorporates resistance bands – tube or stretchy material.  In fact, if you DON’T own resistance bands, just use a scarf!!  I don’t want to exclude anyone because they don’t have a certain piece of equipment!

A few guidelines:

  • Make sure to introduce yourself AND your blog!
  • Feel free to give tips on proper execution and technique.
  • DON’T include a number of reps. I’ll do that part.
  • If your move isn’t correct, meaning improper form or instruction, I will not be able to feature it. Do your homework and get it right!!
  • On Tuesday, grab the Tuesday Trainer button, to provide your readers with an easy link to the workout! Simply copy the text in my side bar and paste it into your HTML code.

**DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 14th, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

QUESTIONS:  Weekend plans?  Do tell.  And have you ever been called “honey child”?

Almost forgot – you want some Chobani, right?  You want to pick your own flavors, right?  Check it!


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  1. Oh man, internet being down in NO fun!!!! So sorry. The obviously don’t know who you are. :) LOVE the theme for this week! Yay for resistance bands! ANd you are looking pretty darn awesome and hot in your video. LOL!

  2. aw, isn’t it amazing how much the internet being out can upset our lives now? grr. “honey child” – I think that might bother me.
    Resistance bands eh? Interesting. I only use mine for maintenance-type work before climbing. Not sure how much everyone wants to see one of my rotator cuff exercises. I do (hip)abductor/adductor work sometimes, but I’m sure plenty of trainers will want to do that one.
    p.s. I did notice you asked about school awhile back in a comment here but haven’t had a chance to respond. It’s going great — busy, but great — learning lots. :) Thanks.

  3. youre the busiest person i know! seriously, how did you breathe yesterday? and i am sure your video would be smokin hot, cause you are! Bands are awesome, like you.

  4. **shudders** I would hate to be called honey child! For some reason I can’t stand it when people (usually older ladies) call me sweetie, honey or the like.

    On a happier note, resistance bands rock! I have no plans this weekend which means I have no excuse for not getting my video in to ya.

  5. Perfect theme idea! I have like, 3 resistance bands that I got in a set, and I don’t use them very often because I don’t have very many moves to use them for off the cuff…guess I have my homework cut out for me this weekend…looking forward to it! :)

  6. perhaps I’ll have to do a video on the shake weight or the Tony Little Gazelle for the equipment series?! yes, I admit to owning both of those…

    hee hee – I’m sure you’re famous but the tech won’t be out til noon, honey child” – I love this. I do the Quick Flip when my blog is down too, then say it’s because I don’t like things broken (and I pay for them to stay fixed??). I feel foolish to Quick Flip about … my site being down. Someone cannot access my recipes! Quelle Horreur! ;)

        1. yep – Tony Little. he is a FREAK. remember his little legs going back and forth SO FAST?? crazy commercials, but I bought into it. (that thing IS pretty fun…)