It’s November 4th!? Where did October (and the rest of the year go)?? Feels like just yesterday, I was complaining about it being too hot and now I have to wear a fleece whenever I leave the house. Not complaining (yet)…I like Fall the best!

And November means one thing apparently….MOVEMBER. - I support men's health issues by allowing you to look like a 70's porn star for a month

Haven’t you heard? Men aren’t supposed to shave their beards or mustaches and someone told me that women aren’t supposed to shave their legs?  Not sure about the women part.

I can tell you right now – I’ll not be partaking in this challenge.  You don’t want to see the thistles and thorns that come out of these legs!

Travis, however…well, he’s been known to rock a various assortment of facial hair designs.

The “Mountain Man”


The “Mr. Pringles”


And my personal favorite….the “Rapist”


Happy Movember, indeed.

In order to start the new month off on the right foot (where did that saying come from??), I made a list of goals.

Goals are good.  We need goals in order to push ourselves and have a clear and driven focus.  BUT it’s all too easy, for me at least, to over do it and make too many or feel let down when I don’t accomplish everything I’ve set out to fulfill.

So this time around, I decided that THREE goals would be enough.  And I tried to make them hard enough to be a challenge, but still something I think I can accomplish!

Goal #1 – Come up with a meal plan EACH WEEK.

I’m ashamed to say it, but as I type, I’m also cooking in the kitchen.  Well, cooking is a questionable term.  I’m heating Birds Eye VOILA up in a skillet.  There.  I said it.

With the show, I simply haven’t had time to go grocery shopping or meal plan like I need to!  Our milk expired 4 days ago.  We have 2 eggs left (in a family where egg scrambles are a daily occurrence, that’s bad bad news).  The kids have no more Oati-os!  Who can live without Oati-os?!

My goal is to sit down on Sunday night and meal plan for the following week.  Grocery shopping will occur on Monday after I get out our weekly grocery money ($100, if anyone’s interested).  This way, I’ll have no excuse not to decide what to cook in advance.  And no more Voila’s.  I’ve got to make homemade, blog worthy creations.

Goal #2 – Do yoga at least 4 times this month.

A lofty goal, considering I’ve done NO yoga in the last 3 months (aside from our Tuesday Trainer – yoga!).  I have the P90x set and Tony has a great yoga dvd in there, Yoga X.  It’s 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga so it definitely gets my heart going and stretches me out at the same time.

Saturday’s, Sunday’s or during the kid’s naptime seems like the most feasible time.  May even try to get Travis to do it with me.  Try, I said.

Goal #3 – Clean off the dining room table.

Seems easy enough, right?


Um no.  Not at all.  This will easily be the hardest goal to attain!!  Mostly because as soon as I clean it off, it will fill up again with JUNK – it’s right beside the front door, so it’s our “catch-all space”.


That poor table is about to buckle under the weight of:

  • Coupons
  • Markers
  • Thank You notes that need to be mailed
  • Books (Heaven is For Real & A Wrinkle in Time)
  • Groupons that need to be used, but will probably expire before I get around to it
  • Worship music
  • Air Filters for the kid’s rooms that need to be changed
  • And, pounds of magazines that I’ll never have the time to read.

Safe to say, I’ve got my work cut out for me this Movember!  I don’t even think I’d HAVE TIME to grow out my leg hair.

QUESTION:  What’s on your “To-Do” list?  Do you make monthly goals?  Do you usually achieve them?

I’m off to teach sub THREE classes back to back today!  The show was a smashing success btw!  One down, three to go!  My whole family is coming to tonight’s show!  #nervousmuch


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  1. So the SHAPE mag on your dining room table reminded me that I just got mine and I haven’t looked at it yet. I grabbed it off my dining room table (which is 10 feet long and absolutely COVERED in junk!) and noticed the tagline on the front cover “900+ freebies inside!” and thought of your post about entering anything you can to win free stuff! There is so much cool stuff you can win!!! When you find a few moments, I highly recommend entering to win!

    Glad to hear the show is going well so far!

  2. oh man, my hubs just started growing his too. With is fro he looks like an 70’s wanna be pimp.
    and for goals, i have trouble with them. Too much pressure. Just not for me, so i try to work on weekly challenges. I know, lame. haha.

  3. As you know, I’m writing a book. I’m also going to practice doing push-ups 3 times a week. And that’s it! I always set too many goals, and then let them all slide. Good luck on tonight’s show!

  4. At least your clutter is organized! It’s in nice, neat little piles. Our office looks like that, too – but there is no other place for it, so I let it be. Plus, I can just shut the door on it…out of site, out of mind. Right?

    I don’t make goals…they stress me out. Good luck with yours!

  5. A couple months ago, Dave was on a “get big” program. He wouldn’t shave until he had gained X number of pounds. I guess facial hair is inspirational for guys. Sort of strange. Lunches are the meal I’m focusing on this month — making healthy options & making sure I pack enough to eat for the day. I also have a couple blog goals I’ve been meaning to get done. I want to do more yoga too. Maybe November is the month.

  6. oh, girl, I have the same thing going on as you… but it’s the “island” counter thingy in the kitchen. half of it is COVERED with… stuff. I *AM* cleaning it today. that leaves the rest of November FREE, right!?



    we are going to be out of the country for most of December, so I am working double time in my free time, to have some sort of blog keep going in my absence. ;)

  7. I need to take a page from your book and clean off my work desk. People can barely see me when they come to my office because of all of the stacks of paper! I remember growing up our kitchen counter was our catch all space. My mom would always try to clean it when company came over. She would have my dad clean his side. I found out later that all he did was shove all the papers and bills into a drawer with all of my coloring books and art supplies lol!

  8. Good idea! I need to do the same. Now that I’m home, I’m going to have to cook more, and get a little more creative when it comes to meal time. We shall hold each other accountable, dear!

    woop woop on the show! can’t wait to see pictures!