I’m not even going to toy around with you guys…we’ll just jump right in to what I know you all came here for:

Did you know that the *NEW* winner of the Chobani giveaway is….

#32 – Christin @ PurpleBirdBlog!!

Weeeeeeee!!  Happy Friday to you!  Email me with your address and flavor choices!!

Did you know that Thanksgiving is less than a week away?!? Cuh-razy!

someecards.com - Let's get together before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the slimmer and saner version of you

Remember when you were young and all you had to worry about was if you finally graduated to the Adult’s table?  Or what toys you were going to hide away so your cousins didn’t mess up the braid you put in Barbie’s hair.  Not a care in the world about baking or cooking!

Yeah…I’m still there.  I’m still sitting at the kid’s table (not literally…it’s out on the cold side porch.  eww).  My mom always makes the obligatory call, “Honey, what do you want to bring for Thanksgiving this year?”  But we all know.  We know.  It’s a pity call.  She’s scared stiff that I’ll bring either a) a salad, because it compliments Deep Fried Turkey so well, or b) something burnt.

This year, I’m picking up five packs of frozen Sister Schubert’s rolls, paying with coupons, taking them over to mom’s and having HER cook them.

Contribution, indeed.

Did you know that I was NOT chosen to be Jasmine (or Jafar) in Aladdin?  Sad, I know.  But the upside is that someone has offered to help me with the role I DID get: Harem girl!!!

Start at the very bottom and work your way up!

Capture (3)

First, he’s my lawn fitness photographer.  Now, my harem trainer?!?!

Am I a lucky girl or what?!?  You’re not allowed to say “Or what”.  I asked.

Did you know that I have a new food obsession?  Yep.  Beanitos.  (And no, I wasn’t paid to say that, they have no clue who I am)


These are addicting – I’m on my second bag.  Eaten straight from the bag or dipped in hummus (or yummus), they taste just like black beans.

Beans DIPPED in beans??  I like it.


I’m thinking that you could make these in a dehydrator?? (that was a challenge, Mrs. Kristina!)

Did you know that the Franklin division of “Run For Their Lives 5k” raised $1,061?!?!  (maybe I already told you that, can’t remember)  That’s is a whole lot of days out of the brothels for these girls!


Here’s a recap of the Lynchburg race (where it all began):

Inspiring, no?  I have big plans for this race next year!  So glad to have helped!!

Did you know that there is a website called, Awkward Family Photo??  It’s hilarious and a complete time suck.  It’s basically a website where people submit their horrible family photos for the delight of all who witness it.

If you or any of your family members are in the following pictures, well, then, I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to make fun of you, your wardrobe and the Tom Selleck cut-out that you used as a prop.  My hands are tied.

Actually, I’m not even going to comment.  I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

A few of my favorites:



Alright. I can’t do it.  I’ll try to keep it to a four  five word maximum.

“Uh…Laura Ashley called…”


“Surprise!!!…we’re creepy Idontknowwhats!!”


“Boom!  That just happened!”


“Bound to have mommy issues”


“Angry Birds/Happy Farm??”


“It was a different time”


You’re welcome.

And lastly….Did you know that the Blogger’s Retreat that I had hinted at before IS a REALITY?!?!?

Yes siree.   The 2012 BLEND Retreat, so named by Susan – combining “Blogger” and “Friend”, will take place May 4th-6th at the historic Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.  Since lodging is squared away, we’re now sending out Sponsor Packets (if you know of any companies that would like to be associated with this awesome event, please let me know!).  Stay tuned for more information!!  SOOOOO excited about this!


Gotta jet.  I’ve got an appointment with my acting coach.

QUESTIONS:  What are you contributing to the Thanksgiving feast?  Any awkward family photos you’d like to share??  I promise to keep my critique to a five word maximum.  Are you as excited as I am about BLEND??


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I did your “Rake” workout… filled over 10 bags with leaves and got a few strange looks but I did it, and it felt oh so goooood ;)

  2. You’ll rock the part. Although I know you must be just a tiny bit disappointed that you’re not Jafar. It’s ok…you’ll look and be amazing on that stage! (And your husband is really selfless. Talk about supporting his wife.) I love the site Awkward Family Photos…cracks me up every time. Whoever writes the captions is hilarious.

  3. Okay, I think you should be flattered about your part. They cast you because you’re one hot mama. Did you wear that tank top from the TT video for the audition? LOL! And thank you soo much for sharing that site. Those pictures are the highlight of my day. So want to make it to the Blend retreat. When do you have to know forsure? I might have a race that Sunday. I need to decide…. you are so awesome for making it happen! Happy Friday!

    1. Kristin – we’ve just hashed out the lodging – talking to sponsors…once we know how much we need to charge per ticket (it won’t be much), we’ll open up registration. And it will probably be first come, first serve. So you’ll have to act fast!!

  4. bahbhabhabhah you’re too funny. 1). i’ve wasted countless hours on awkwardfamilyphoto for years. i laugh out loud every time. i thought i was the only wierdo ;) 2. this blogging retreat?!?!? omg. send me details, lady.

    1. Britt – it’s the weekend of May 4-6th, Boulder, CO. It will be about 75 bloggers from around the country. VERY laid back, no speakers. Just a chance to hangout and have a weekend away with each other!

  5. That’s not fair, she stole my name spelling and then she wins the Chobani?? lolz! congrats other Christin! :)

    Okay that “Laura Ashley” looking photo? My mom used to sew flowery matching dresses for me and my sister when we were little that look pretty much exactly like that…lace collar applique and everything!

  6. Dave & I will be having our own, special, little Thanksgiving together. Kind of excited to have full control over our menu.
    I am SO EXCITED for Blends (cute), SOOOOOOOOO excited. Seriously. Can’t wait. I think about it a lot. That’s all I’m going to say about it today. Maybe.

      1. How are you approaching sponsors? My husband works for Teva, etc…but I’ve never approached them in this aspect — so I’m kind of nervous. Also…as far as first come first serve, is this just for lodging? If we miss out on lodging, can we still come play?

        1. Allie- I’ll have Sponsor PACKETS ready by Monday. I’d be happy to send one to you for you to pass along to your husband. They contain all the info…does that sound ok? Also, we def. WON’T turn people away, but we do have limited lodging at Chautauqua. When we fill that up, we’ll have to start putting people at Boulder hotels.

  7. My Mom hates cooking and I love it, so we have a deal, she does all the shopping and clean up and I do all the cooking and have full control of the menu. Done and Done. I can’t wait!!!
    I can’t stop laughing at the last picture with the motorcycle, classic and something my Dad probably did to us as kids…

  8. ooooh, I WILL take that challenge. I love Beanitos. yes. this will happen. (I wonder if they would ship well…) ;)

    wow, those photos. yikes!

    happy Friday, my friend! I will be catching up backwards over here … XXO!

  9. Hahaha oh my gosh I’ve been to that awkward family photo site and almost choked from laughing so hard :). I have no idea what I’ll be contributing to thanksgiving this year…perhaps my family will just have to deal with being graced with my presence hehe. Hope you have a great Friday!

  10. I can’t believe you didn’t get Jasmine!!! You would make a perfect Jasmine! It must have been fixed. Regardless, I’m sure you will make a lovely harem girl. :)

    And, wow, those awkward family photos are creepy! Hilarious, but super creepy!

    Great news on the blogger retreat! :)

  11. I actually don’t know what I’m bringing to Thanksgiving yet, but I have a few ideas pinned (don’t you love pinterest?!). Since this is Thanksgiving #2 for me this year (we celebrate with Kirk’s family in October), I should be prepared right? ;)

    And SOOOOO excited about the 2012 BLEND Retreat!!!

  12. Some of these photos make my family look normal. Although there was this time my brother and I dressed up in moose hats. And this picture was included with my college applications. The essay was about being comfortable in your own skin. I probably got into school out of pity:)