Alternate titles:  “We’re not in Kansas anymore”, “I’m melting, MELTING!”, or “We’re off to see the Wizard”.  Pick one.  I’m actually kind of tired of them all.

Two shows down, two to go!!  And it has been a SMASHING success!!  Almost sold out every.single.night!!  If you live in Franklin, you simply MUST come see us (tonight at 7:30 or tomorrow at 2:30)

For those of you just joining Lindsay’s List (thank you for reading!), Travis and I are performing in our town’s production of Wizard of Oz.  We’ve been rehearsing now for 3 months? and have two performances under our belts!!  I’m Ms. Gulch, a crow and Oz citizen.  Travis is a crow, a Winkie and an Oz citizen.

Some costume pics….














For some GREAT “on-stage”pictures (that I did not take, but a lovely Munchkin momma did), go here!

And I saved the best for last….Henry’s recap of the show!

I know…I’m dizzy too.

This morning, Travis let me sleep in until NINE!!  I’ve had two cups of coffee, some homemade cinnamon rolls and it’s only 11:30!  We’ve intentionally NOT scheduled anything from now until 6:30pm when we have to be at the theater.

What to do?  What to do?  Maybe I’ll get crackin’ on that dining room mess.

Doubt it.

Oh, and the winner of the GU Sampler Pack is #38 – Kristen (aka STUFTmama)!!  Congrats girlfriend!!  The TWO runner-ups who will receive three GU samples are #28 – Bonnie and #32 – Koko!! 

Girlies – Message me your addresses and I’ll get your “gu’ddies” out ASAP!


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  1. So many neat things in this post, Lindsay, and I loved your “Lessons Learned” from the following post too! :D You and Travis look great together and the experience seemed like a really positive one. Thank you for the GU samples – I’m STOKED! Just Twitter-messaged you my address. It’s been an absolutely NUTS weekend (in the best way) and I’m exhausted; once Mikey can help film for me I will try to get my TT in!

  2. Okay, even if being in the play was completely awful (which clearly it wasn’t) it would still be worth it to have that picture of you and Travis. It should be framed next to your wedding picture! :-)

  3. Lindsay, Henry is absolutely delicious. I laughed through that entire video. He was so menacing as a soldier… And I burst into laughter at “it ticks!”. Oh my gosh, that seriously made my ovaries ache.

    You look so gorgeous in those first three photos! Add in a few guns and a pair of goggles, and you could be steampunk. Ha!

  4. Soo much to say!!!
    1- Henry is ADORABLE!!!!!
    2- I so wished I lived close so I could come watch your play!
    3- YOur dining room mess is NOTHING compared to my office. Ugh.
    4- Two more to go lady! I hope you have some serious celebrating and relaxing time scheduled!
    5- YIPPEEE for winning to GU-vaway!!!!!!!!! :)I’m soooo excited!!!!!! Going to email you now!
    Luv ya!