Early Saturday morning coffee – check.  Noticing just now that you need to clean the Keurig – check.

Tree Hugger Coffee

Drinking said coffee out of favorite mug – check.

031“Herman catches a lucky break.”

Blue Coffee MugHerman Fish

Making your hubby take pictures of your hair down since it’s halfway decent – check.


Teaching a mean Bootcamp class to fellow masochistic people, who prefer sweat over sleep – check.


Checking to see if I could pull off a Jasmine costume – check (Cast List should be posted today! Weeeeee!!)

Flat Belly

Home, showered and ready for this lady’s Pumpkin Oat Cake – check.


Feeling like a rebel for subbing out o.f. oats for steel cut, adding protein powder and throwing Reese chips on top – check.



Grass-fed Chuck roast, red potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, seasonings – all ready for Saturday family dinner – check.


One little boy who’s still in his pajamas at 12:03, eating last nights leftover pizza and watching Star Wars, yet again – check.


One recycled pic of Ms. ClaraBelle, because she’s currently napping is NOT to be messed with…per her instructions, of course – check.

Crazy Hair

One super late momma, who needs to make Spinach Artichoke dip and wrap a present to take to a baby shower – check.

Happy Saturday!!  Hug somebody!  Like really tight.  When they ask why you did that, just say, “Lindsay said to.”

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  1. Can’t wait to hear if you get the part! :) Loving my daily dose of Lindsey’s List- CHECK! :) (I was teaching boot camp this morning too. Before my morning coffee though. Not a good choice. ha!)
    PS- your abs ROCK!