First things first…..the winner of the Gnu Fiber & Flavor Bars is……


Congrats, Brooke!  Email me your address and I’ll get the case shipped ASAP!

Now on to something fun for your Friday.  I like to think that I’ve made you all laugh at least a little bit over the past few months.  Knowing this makes me happy.  Like I’m bringing a little light into the world.  Laughter really is the best medicine – so great for us both mentally and emotionally!  PLUS, laughing burns lots of calories.

Prepare to burn off your lunches.

Here’s a recap of my triathlon…and why kayaking sucks!

(The calorie burning part starts around 2:50.  You’re welcome!)

Take-aways from this race:

  • I LOVE running and biking.  Running more so than biking, but both are so much fun!!
  • Bicycling makes me feel like a 10 year old kid again!  Only now, I don’t have braces and an “umbrella of bangs”.  I may or may not still own Limited Too attire.  #matchingplaidskirtsforthewin
  • Kayaking makes me feel claustrophobic.  And I don’t like feeling claustrophobic!  During the two miles in the boat, all I kept thinking (aside from kayaking sucks) was that I wish I could GET OUT and swim or move my legs.
  • Next year, I’ll a) train and b) select a lake kayak, instead of a whitewater kayak.
  • Vibram Five-Fingers are the perfect shoe for versatility – wonderful for the bike, run, AND kayak!  None of my body’s downward momentum and energy was absorbed by padding that you might find in a normal shoe.  I was able to put all of my energy onto the peddle – felt great!
  • I’m truly thankful to be able to move and leap and bound and cycle and run and row.  My health is a true blessing that I’ll NEVER take for granted!

THANK YOU, my dear Travis, for uploading, editing and just MAKING this little film.  Your reward is coming! Winking smile  Thanks to Teva for providing the soundtrack (Tevanthology- Vol. 8)!

Questions:  Have you ever raced a triathlon or adventure race?  Any tips for the kayak?  Any fun weekend plans I should be envious of?


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  1. I laughed, but in sympathy. Was that the first time you’ve been in a kayak? I can’t imagine racing the very first time. I find that every year, I need a good half hour just to get my legs (or non-legs, I guess). I love kayaking, but I can definitely understand that it’s not for everyone!

  2. Haha!! Oh gee whiz, I like you. I used to practicing flipping (and escaping) from kayaks in the pool I worked at in high school – they terrify me.

    And Travis… That video was awesome! (Lindsay, I hope you “ministered” to your husband after those sweet little kiddies of yours went to bed)

    1. oh WOW! Averie, I’ve been a lurker of yours for oh, 8 months now!! Have entered a couple of your giveaways in the past, but never really commented…I’ll change that!!
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Whoo! LOVED this video (great work, Travis! All kinds of shots, angles, and coverage!) and it was great to see you in motion, Lindsay. Good recap of your thoughts on the experience too. You rocked it! When we take people kayaking who have never gone before, the entire first day (which, on our river trip, is close to 10 miles of flatwater) is brutal…it’s all donuts all the time (spinning in circles when you’re trying to learn to track your boat straight). Frustrating and tough! So hopefully you weren’t too hard on your personal performance there – didn’t sound like it. Loved watching this!

  4. Yup, I definitely cracked up at the kayaking part. It’s okay–the first time I went canoeing, my gf and I managed to flip the boat and get trapped underneath as it suctioned towards the bottom of the lake. It’s funny…in retrospect!
    Great job! I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon, but I don’t own a bike. Maybe after I race my first 1/2 marathon in November I’ll look into it :-)

  5. Lindsay- you just rock. Kayaks scare me. They are NOT my friend. Loved your little guy cheering for you at the end while on the bridge. So precious! Congrats on the race. I used to do triathlons, but now pretty much just stick to running races.
    I never knew they did ones with kayaking……. :) Fun times (for you-not me). :)

  6. Ah! I’ve never done a tri! I’m really only good at running, but I like that tris are like… built-in cross training. I just don’t swim. Or bike. Well. And I’m definitely a little afraid of biking fast. My dad used to the running leg in a relay race that including canoeing. I thought that would be so fun!