Glad to have made your Monday’s a little brighter with the Pinterest banter.  I was actually pretty thrilled when I found out that two people had pinned the Tuesday Trainer button like two weeks ago?!?!  Pretty cool, no?


Welcome to the SIXTH edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  I’m excited about this week’s workout because it’s the final piece in the upper body.  If you missed it, we worked our Back and Biceps two weeks ago and Core sometime before that.  This week’s theme is Chest, Shoulder’s and Triceps!

I never know how these workouts will pan out until Monday night, when I get the last of the videos in.  I actually thought we’d have a lot of chest moves, but Janetha came through in the end (even while sick) and gave me TWO moves that I needed.  That’s why I love this feature – it’s blogger supported, kind of like a workout co-op! You guys always pull through and give me AMAZING moves (and videos) to work with!  Thank you!

This week’s workout is almost entirely comprised of body-weight exercises, using very little equipment.  It’s something you could definitely do in a small space or while traveling!  Never let the fact that you don’t have gym access get in the way of MOVING and SWEATING!  Julie demonstrated this point perfectly for me.


I’m not discounting lifting weights or doing weighted exercises, BUT you can easily get something out of workouts that don’t incorporate weights, also known as bodyweight resistance training.  You just have to do enough repetitions and have the right focus.

The Workout

**Disclaimer: Always check with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise plan!! Pay special attention to the technique and instructions given with every move.**

Trainer Tips:   Trisets– one chest, one shoulder, and one tricep.   Complete circuit 1, rest for 60-90 seconds, repeat once more.  Move on to circuit 2, rest for 60-90 seconds, repeat once more.  And so on, until all 4 circuits are complete.  For weighted exercises, select a weight that challenges you, while executing correct form. 

*Intermediate to advanced: sub out the rest and do a plyometric move for 60 seconds.  Examples can be found on the Tuesday Trainer – Plyometrics workout.*

  • Warm-up – 10 minutes of Plyo work, go here for examples. 
  • Stretch – 5-10 minutes
  • Circuit 1
Exercise Repetitions
Paper Plate Chest Fly 12, 12
Band Pull Apart 15, 15
Tricep Extension 15, 12
  • Circuit 2
Exercise Repetitions
T-Pushup 12, 12
Upright Row 12, 12
Dancing Crab 12, 12
  • Circuit 3
Exercise Repetitions
Staggered Hand Pushup 12, 12
Dive Bombers 10, 10
Dips 15, 15
  • Circuit 4
Exercise Repetitions
Pushup Pull-Through 10, 10
High V Pushups 10, 10
  • Cooldown and stretch


The Moves

Staggered Hand Pushup – Heather, gethealthywithheather


Pushup Pull Through – Katie, yesiwantcake


Dive Bombers – Allie, colourmehappy


Pushups with T Stand – Kristin, stuftmama


Dancing Crab – Bonnie, lifetothefull


High V Pushups – Kirsten, kcaptures


Band Pull Apart – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


 Upright Row – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Tricep Extension – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Paper Plate Chest Fly – ME


Want to join in on the fun next week (because truly, this is community is FUN!)??  Visit Lindsay’s List on Thursday when I’ll announce the next theme.

Now go MOVE!  (or just stay in your pj’s and waste 5 hours pinning crap)


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  1. Love the creativity! I’ll be mentally bookmarking (pinning??) these moves. I’m a bit bummed b/c I just wrote up my next week’s post and it happens to be a KILLER chest/delt/tri move (I can barely lift my arms)…THEN I came over here and saw the topic- grr. Oh well, it’s all good- you ladies rock.

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  3. duh how did i not say something to julie?! i am an asshole. julie, you are a goon. and i love you. i wanna get my boobies lookin good. cannot believe you were DRIVING.

  4. Great moves everybody! Every Tuesday Trainer I am surprised at how creative we get. Like Bonnie with the “Dancing Crab”, seriously how cool! Trying that out right now…

  5. One word- AWESOME! Lindsay you did such a great job putting everything together. Everyone’s videos are fabulous. My helpers better step it up for next week. ha! You ALL rock and I just had so much fun “meeting” all of yo uthrough your videos. :) Thanks for letting me (us) join in the fun!

  6. linds– oooo. digging the paper plate move! it’s ok, i always say hi guys, too.

    heather– i have NEVER tried that move. thank you for the idea!

    allie– talk about pampering! happy birthday! love me some dive bombers.

    katie– meeker is so crafty, making you equipment. that is such a unique move and i love how it works a little of everything!

    kristin– loving the group participation!

    other kristin–i love your house and love your dog :)

    bonnie– the tongue screen shot cracks me up. i love the dancing crab, i did it a few times with zuzana before. it’s a good one! i need to go read about your ottawa adventures.

    kristen– that was one of my favorite moves when i did insanity! such a killer.

    XO thanks lindsay!

  7. ahh way to go JG! Sick and all she came through, unlike another blogger (ahem….me!). sorry friend. :(
    Glad Bonnie got in the dancing crab, love that one. oh and i love that JG grabbed her boobs. haha.

  8. Great post and workout! Fun moves and well-explained by everyone. Love Katie’s homemade bars (way to be resourceful to your man!), Janetha’s floppy camera shot (you’re so cute!), and happy birthday to Allie! Oh – and great thumbnail, Bon – tongue sticking out. Apparently moves like the Dancing Crab require ALL your attention. ;)