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Welcome to Tuesday Trainer!!  A blogger-supported workout feature that’s really becoming quite the hit!  Mostly because all of my friends are gorgeous.

Last week was Back and Biceps.   Did anyone do this workout??  I did – you should!

Since I’m still sore from that workout (and my triathlon!), I decided that we should all REST this week!

Less moving…and more talking.  Actually, quite the opposite of what I normally like to do.  Travis is rolling his eyes because he thinks I move AND talk too much.  It’s all his fault – If he wouldn’t fall asleep so fast at night, I wouldn’t have to keep kicking him to wake him up and finish my stories.  (Any other husbands out there that have the ability to fall asleep within 2 seconds of their heads hitting the pillow?  Or wives who continue yammering on to said husband, clueless that he isn’t listening and really could care less??)

As I was saying, this week is all about the “trainers”.  I asked each participant to answer the following questions:

  • What do you wear while working out?
  • What is your favorite footwear?
  • Favorite post workout meal/snack?
  • What’s your next fitness goal?

If you missed MY Meet Your Trainer interview, here it is.  If you watched it last Thursday, I’m sorry that you wasted the 4 minutes and 50 seconds.


What will NOT be a waste of time are the FOLLOWING videos.  Take my advice: BOOKMARK this post!!  It’s going to take a while to get through the entire thing…it will be worth your time though!!

Starting first with the littlest trainer of all – Henry Cole Wright, aka, Punkinhead Fred.

He doesn’t have a registered URL…yet.

I made that boy!  Well, God made him, but I get to call him my son!  It’s a pretty sweet gig.

Now on to the real bloggers…

MEET YOUR TRAINERS (in alphabetical order)

Allie – colourmehappy

  • She sent me homemade deodorant (which I haven’t really used) – so she a) thinks I smell and b) is very generous!
  • She sweats a lot and should be a Prana spokesmodel …or Saucony…or Smartwool.
  • Send any end of season melons her way!


Bonnie – lifetothefull

  • She’s high on pumpkin pie.
  • She’s shown me how to pronounce “Lulemon” – don’t even ask how I used to pronounce it.
  • A Vibram BFF
  • She just kinda goes out and runs 21 miles any day…no problem..meh, whatever.   If I didn’t love her so much, I’d hate her.


Christin – christinjoyful

  • Ummm….Ninjas ARE awesome!  Agreed!  Realultimatepower.net
  • Am I the only one who had no clue that they made dance shoes???
  • Come run with me, Christin – preferably in your ninja shirt!


Heather – betterwithveggies

  • She’s a flirt in a skirt.
  • An Asic girl like myself.  A chocolate milk girl like Clara.
  • Had NO idea that she did an Ironman!  Hardcore, Heather!


Heather – healthywithheather

  • She likes bright colors and stretchy pants.
  • She did her interview in her car – which makes her awesome in my mind.
  • She’s a group fitness instructor – which makes her awesome in real life.


Janetha – mealsandmoves

  • Dogs don’t have thumbs???  Maybe THAT’S why they make better pets than video game players.
  • Don’t be fooled…she totally has a stylist.  That’s how she looks so good.
  • Get your minds out of the gutter – Extend is for enhancing sexual pleasure.


Katie – yesiwantcake

  • Shortest interview ever…and all it makes me want to do is talk to this girl in person.  Tease.
  • Is wearing no bottoms under that apron.
  • Poor Baby A is NOT.HAPPY.  Probably because her mom has no pants on.


Kirsten – kcaptures

  • Her butt looks really good in capris.
  • She calls shoes sneakers.  Would rather lift obese children than run.
  • Next fitness goal – becoming a personal trainer…instead of a whistle, she’ll just use her tongue click to make them drop and give her 20.


Kristen – eathealthybehappylivewell

  • She likes it tight up top and tight below.  Insert your own highly inappropriate joke here.
  • She does oatmeal and smoothies a lot.  A girl after my own heart.
  • She’s totally gonna rock her next race!  Good luck, girl!


Lindsay – cottercrunch

  • She wears both glitter and grease as moisturizers.  Must work because she’s HAWT!
  • K-Swiss puts food on her table.
  • She’s goal-less and she likes it that way.


Aren’t they all just delightful!!!  Seriously – I know I say seriously a lot, but seriously, these ladies are just amazing!  Outside and in!

If you’d like to take part in “the greatest thing since homemade applesauce” and become one of “the fittest people on planet Earth” – and I’m just quoting Oxygen magazine here – participate in Tuesday Trainer with us next week.  I’m always looking for new people to make fun of.


Last part – the POLL!!  Janetha, Katie and I have been secretly plotting to take over the world.  Or just hold a cool Blogger’s Retreat.  We’re trying to see how much interest there would be in having a retreat/conference in late April/early May so that we can start setting plans!  Several hotels have already shown interest in hosting our group!  We’ll let you know more details ASAP!  Just know this – it will be more of a hangout weekend – no speakers- very relaxed schedule!  This should allow for more time to INTERACT and have fellowship – something we all need more of!  I’m excited just the THOUGHT of this retreat!!


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  1. Lindsay- this is awesome. I so want to be a part of this. I may have missed what I need to do to participate. Have I mentioned that you’re fabulous? :) Tuesday trainers ROCK (especially the first little guy)!

    1. Kristin – you don’t need to do anything special to participate! Every Thursday, I announce the theme for the following week (plyo, back and bi’s, etc) and you guys submit your moves by Monday night. That’s all it takes! PLEASE join!!

  2. Christin! Your shirt examples were awesome. Don’t worry.. I suck at running, too :)

    Okay, that’s all I have time for today. Will check the other vids later! xo

  3. allie goes against your tight/baggy rule, linds. i am surprised you posted her video. ;)

    on another note, allie, you are super cute! so excited to have you be a part of TT in the future!

    i love the way you say lululemon and also i have never shopped there… i buy my workout gear at TJmaxx, ross or marshall’s. i am cheap and easy to please!

  4. Dude. H needs to start a blog. Screw all the others. He has the moves.. and clearly he likes to work out pantsless. My shoes are blue, too, Henry. TWINS! Ice cream? A man after my own heart.

    1. lol…I’ll ask him – he’ll probably say no – no time between pooping in his pullup instead of the potty and hitting Clara on the head everytime I turn my back. Lots going on in his life.

  5. This is so fun — I love listening to everyone talk — what a great group! I’m totally in for Boulder. May is the weekend before finals but, meh, I can totally handle it. Your comments about everyone are GREAT. I’ll be back later to watch the last couple videos.

      1. I haven’t yet but have wanted to for a few years now. PERRRRFECT excuse. Will you ladies climb with me?!?! I can’t not climb if I’m in CO. If I have enough notice to plan logistics & finances, I’m seriously all for it. Seriously. ;)

  6. hahah. not tight all around. no, no. i love you. also, giving yourself props on a question you asked yourself is basically amazing. i am going to leave a comment every time i watch a video. i just watched yours. be back later for the next one!

      1. yeah i have a post going up with my own poll & a link to this post. i think we will get more action with a poll just right there–no extra call to action needed ja know.

  7. Loved seeing everyone’s videos, and thought your comments were hilarious. Wow that ninja website was crazy! lol
    I would love to go to a blogger retreat! Denver is awesome…for me it would mostly just be working out the financing aspect of it.

  8. heck ya! i want to do pumpkinhead’s workout! mini trampoline anyone?
    Thanks for all these wonderful vlogs. Such character!
    I want to help you secretly take over the world!

  9. Fun to hear people’s personalities come through in their little clips! Loved your personal notes on each person too, Lindsay. ;)

    I voted – heck YES Denver would be awesome! And May it is for me – glad to see many are on the same page! It would all depend on timing and finances, but I could always start looking for a ticket now…just saying to Mikey how similar Denver is to Calgary but how I’ve always wanted to go there! Same elevation and Rocky Mountains… + bloggers and a weekend away?! Sounds sweet!

  10. Okay, my poll was not going to be that professional. I was just going to say “leave a comment” – but I like your style a lot better. How do I do that?

    Also, I LOVED all these videos. And all of your comments. Of course I don’t wear pants under my apron…I’m trying to get Meeker to get me pregnant again.

    1. in wordpress where you can add an image, video, etc., you should have the option to add a poll. If not, get the plugin for Polldaddy (from your wordpress plugins) and after it installs, you’ll have the option.