Welcome to the FOURTH edition of Tuesday Trainer!  If you missed last week’s CORE workout, well, you should go back and do it.  Or better yet, add it on to the beginning of this week’s workout!!

This week’s theme is BACK and BICEPS!!

A common way to work your back and biceps is to pair them together into one workout.  In doing so, you’re working all of your “pulling” muscles, which function as antagonist to your chest and triceps (“pushing”).  When you work your back, your biceps get in on the action too.  This means that you don’t necessarily have to do isolating moves for your biceps – rows, pulldowns, chip-ups (primarily working the back) all hit the biceps as well!  Fellow trainer, Bonnie Lang, actually touched on the importance of training our backs yesterday. 

– “Back: If working the chest is any type of push movement, then the opposite is true for the back – any type of pulling movement will target your back muscles. Strong back muscles are important for posture and for daily life. So when you think back, think row: any type of row will essentially target your back muscles.”  Couldn’t have said it better, Bonnie!!

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**Disclaimer: Always check with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise plan!! Pay special attention to the technique and instructions given with every move.**

The Workout

**Choose a weight that allows you to finish each set with good form. The last rep should be very difficult, but not impossible.  You’ll notice that there are multiple videos, utilizing dumbbells, resistance band, TRX, and barbell moves – you may use whichever you have available at home or the gym!  The reps for each tri-set decrease in number each time you go cycle through it (12, 10, 8).  INCREASE your weight as the reps go down.**

  • Warm-up – 5-10 minutes – Dynamic Warm-Up (video below)
  • Stretching – 5 minutes
  • Tri-set #1
Exercise Reps
Bent Row 12, 10, 8
Chin-ups 10, 10, 10
Bicep Row (underhand row) 12, 10, 8
  • Rest 60 seconds, repeat tri-set for a total of 3 sets
  • Tri-set #2
Exercise Reps
Body Row 12, 10, 8
Superman 10, 10, 10
Overhanded Bicep Curl 12, 10, 8
  • Rest 60 seconds, repeat tri-set for a total of 3 sets
  • 21’s
  • Cool down and stretch

The Moves

Dynamic Warmup – Paige, runningaroundnormal

Bicep Rows (Underhanded Bent Row) – Christin, christinjoyful

Standing Band Rows – Deb (smoothiegirleatstoo) and Eden (edeneatseverything)

Chin Ups – Heather, gethealthywithheather


Hi, my name is Heather from Get Healthy with Heather . Today I’ll be showing you the chin up, which works both your back AND biceps. Begin with your hands on the pull up bar, palms facing you. Start to bend your elbows and pull your body up, taking your chin up toward the bar. Focus on using your back muscles and biceps here. Slowing return to the starting position.
Modification: have a chair near by to help you get started or do this exercise using resistance bands (place them up high in the door way), seated or on your knees, pulling the bands down toward your body.

Bent Row – Katie, yesiwantcake

Bent Row – Kirsten, kcaptures

Bent Row (Barbell) – Paige, runningaroundnormal

I’m using the plates stacked on each other because it provides enough height to tap the barbell on the “ground.” If you’re using bigger plates, like 25’s, 35’s, or 45’s, you could just tap them right on the ground.

Body Row – Bonnie, lifetothefull

Body Row – Heather, betterwithveggies

Overhand Bicep Curl – Julie, juliegolean

21 Bicep Curl (Dumbbells) – Tina, faithfitnessfun

21 Bicep Curl (Resistance Bands) – Kristen, eathealthybehappylivewell

Superman – Lindsay (actually her hubby, James), cottercrunch

Now I REALLY want to go try this workout!  A HUGE thank you to all the ladies who submitted moves – you guys ROCK!!  Seriously.  Eden and Deb pulled something out of thin air…renowned triathlete James Cotter doing Superman’s for us…two TRX videos…and lest we forget, the famed barefoot Katie.  Truly awesome!

Want to join in on the fun next week (because truly, this community is FUN!)?? Visit Lindsay’s List on Thursday when I’ll announce the next theme.

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  1. dude! great videos. i love seeing everyone in action. it’s really fun for me because usually all we see is food and then have to read about a workout.. this takes fitness blog reading to a better level. sorry i missed out this week! next week will make up for it for sure :)

  2. I make milkshakes with chocolate or cookies n creme protein powder, a frozen banana, and vanilla soymilk. SOOOO good. I look forward to it after my heavy lifting sessions.

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  4. This is fantastic. I am a very visual person when it comes to working out and lifting so I love having the videos in a handy-dandy place! I need a chin-up bar too. I’ve never done a chin up!