spot the lie

October 21, 2011 in Blog, Sillyness by lindsaymwright

Before I get into all the fibbing, I thought I’d share something that might brighten your Friday.

Cool, right??  Not me, just the fact that I get to fly!  We’ve got like 14 more practices until the show.  I’m thinking I’ll surely lose my voice from cackling – yes, that’s me cackling.  Travis says it’s starting to haunt his dreams.

Oh and one more thing before I forget – you DO NOT have to be good at yoga to submit a pose for Tuesday Trainer!! Don’t let the fact that you’re not flexible intimidate you! Just have fun! We are an awesome group of athletes!

Moving on…

We’re playing a game today!!  As soon as I read Chelsey’s post, I knew I would have to do a similar one!  I’m pretty bad at telling lies in person – but written out, I actually had no problem whatsoever.   #lyingiskindafun #hashtagshideamultitudeofsins #thatwasareallylonghashtag  #mymomissuperconfusedrightnow


Basically during this game, I tell you 3 truths and 1 lie – and it’s up to you to figure out which one is the lie.  Like Truth or Dare, except sub out the dare part…and you have to determine what the lie is…and…well, it’s really nothing like Truth or Dare.  That was a fun game though, right?  Until you got dared to makeout with the really gross boy or drink like 20 packets of Taco Bell hot sauce.  I generally always opted for the Truth.

Ok…here goes.

1.   I can run a 6 minute mile.  Well actually a 6:24 minute mile.  I’m actually faster now than I was in high school cross country.  How can I do this??  I resistance train – pushing 60 pounds of toddler meat is hard work!

2.  I was the one who asked Travis to marry me.   I had just graduated college (Travis is one year behind me).  We had talked about marriage before and it was one of those things that we knew would happen, but didn’t know when.  So one night, I picked up a pizza from Papa John’s, put a note inside the box and delivered it to his dorm.  When he finally opened the box to grab a slice, he saw the note that read, “Will you marry me?”  He obviously said yes.

3.  I can clap with one hand.  Coincidentally, it’s not the hand with the piece of pencil lead stuck in it.

4.  When I was little, I got to skip kindergarten.  Even at 5, I was awesome and smart and pretty and really good at shapes and colors.  Not much has changed.

Now you tell me, WHICH ONE IS THE LIE???