So we all know that I’m kind of a big deal.

  • I know how to drive backwards in my car.
  • I once made out with Robert Pattinson.
  • And I’ve been told I look like a cross between ______ and ________.  (insert the two hottest women you know).

I know all these things about myself and I really try to keep a cool head and “mingle” with you “normals”.  And don’t bother asking Robert about the making out…he’ll probably deny it and be all like, “who are you talking about again?”.  But he remembers.

I try not to brag.  But I just gotta spill the beans on this one.  It’s kind of a like getting one of those Platinum American Express cards.  And THEN being asked to upgrade to Pewter.

I’ll just go ahead and say it.

I got in!

I got IN!


ME???   Invited into an ultra elite group??  You only wish you were so cool.

I’m not even sure HOW I first ventured onto the site, but I was promptly inspired to start clicking on pictures and collecting things!!  I was ready to get started.


My two options were “Request An Invite” or “Login”.  Hmm….did I have “Login” status??  No.  Humbled, I clicked to request my invite.


Although fitting, that’s not my email address.

I entered my email address, crossed my fingers and requested the invite.  I closed my eyes.  Would the review of my email address be enough to get me in??  How they can tell a person is qualified for membership simply by THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS is beyond me, but hey, they do and I’m not gonna question science!  Sweat beading on my upper lip, I looked to see the next screen pop up.


“As soon as we can”???  Was Pinterest out to lunch??  When would I be hearing back to see about the membership??

Coy coy, Pinterest.  I can play that game.  After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for.  And let me tell you, wasting hour upon hour, “pinning” and “tacking” crap that you’ll either a) never be able to afford or b) never have time to make…well, it’s worth the wait.  Especially if it gives you elite status in the social media realm.  Riiiight?!  Right.

I immediately went to my inbox.


A waiting list?!?!  “We’ll be sure to send you an invite soon.” ?!?!?  I’m of superior intellect, I have a bangin’ bod, I’m making out with celebrities left and right, but Pinterest wants to put me on a waiting list?!?!

The rollercoaster of emotions that I was feeling at this point in time was enormous.  Rejected.  Humbled.  Disappointed for letting some stupid list dictate how I felt about myself.  I almost said to hell with it.

Then an hour later…it came.


My acceptance letter!!  It’s framed now, hanging on our “Wall of Glory”.  (You don’t have one of those?  Must be an awesome person sort of thing.)

Ben and the Pinterest Team were “Excited” about me!!  They “couldn’t wait to have me join”!!  I was “IN”!!

Giddy about this accomplishment, I knew I just had to write a post about it!  I AM the NEWEST member of Pinterest, after all.  If that doesn’t carry Klout (get it?), I don’t know what does!!

insert 5 hours of wasted time here.  And lots of “isn’t this “pinteresting”” jokes.

Ya’ll – I’ve turned into a pinning fiend!  I’d really love to share it with you.  I really would.  But you’d have to be invited first.  Then go through the arduous enrollment process.  Fingers crossed that you get in!

**I was in no way paid for this Pinterest review.  All opinions are 100% mine.  In fact, Ben and the Team are currently in talks of revoking my membership.**


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  1. Happy for you that you are “in”. I know I’m not ‘in’ but I get a lot of hits to my blog on my protein muffin from Pinterest- how, I have no clue. In fact, I had no idea what it was til I followed the thread back. I’ll let you take my extra time on Pinterest though as I really want nothing less than to be at the computer more than I already am! :-) I can see that it’s one of those things that would be highly addictive, so I’ll just start off by just saying ‘no’ :-D

  2. My awesome-ometer is clearly measuring a bit lower than yours. It took me over a week to get an invite. I ended up having to beg for a personal invite on my blog. Two whole people took me up on it. And now I have a board about zombies, so it was all worth it in the end.

  3. Welcome to our strange and wacky, wonderful pinterest cult – oops, I mean club. I’m happy they admitted you – if only you’ll “pin” a picture of your wall of – what was it you called it? – oh yes, your “Wall of Glory.” Because I have a sneaking suspicion that is absolutely AWESOME, just like you!

    Please feel free to follow me – I’m at http://pinterest.com/laurelaura/

  4. girl, you are cracking me up! I would have invited you had I known you wanted “in”… if you can still invite people? I’ll follow you, but… please don’t point and laugh at my bare pinterest walls…

  5. You crack me up! I thought that whole “invited” thing was kind of funny, and probably a marketing tactic to make us feel special…to bad it worked! …what suckers :-)
    And yes, I’m obsessed too.

  6. Ha ha Lindsay! I just got in too. I swore I wouldn’t, but I did. Great, like I need to spend mroe time on the computer. :)Maybe we can figure it out together.
    PS_ I submitted my video, but it’a an old one and I don’t introduce myself one there Let me know what else you need or if it’ll work. :)

  7. You are too funny. Beware. Many an afternoon have been lost to pinning. I’ve become less frivolous with my pinning as the novelty of my own acceptance wore off. ;) It’s such a fun, useful thing though!
    Hey, so I created a video response for this week’s Tuesday Trainer but I don’t see it showing up. Maybe you can let me know if you see it on your end. Also, when it does show, I added some (form) tips in the description. I was pretty zen (after my massage) when we filmed it, so hopefully I mostly make sense. I’m pretty sure you’ve just recruited a trainer to stay. I’m all in now. Enjoy your Monday.