I usually pre-write my posts for the next day.  Example: this post was written during naptime on Tuesday, but isn’t going up until Wednesday morning.  I write during the kids’ naptime – since my full-time job is being a mom, I try to spend as much time with them while they’re awake.  Plus, it’s a little hard to sit down in front of my computer when toddler destruction is happening all around.

And while this WAS written during the peace and quiet of naptime, there was not a lot of concentration going on.  I just started typing and here’s where it went.  Lucky, lucky you.


I’ll make a list.  No pictures for you to browse through.  No hyperlinks.  So decide now if you have time to read random stuff.

1.  I’m sipping on some Pumpkin Spice coffee right now.  It’s pretty good.  But it tastes nothing like pumpkin.  Just fallish spices.  It’s also now lukewarm, which I HATE.  Should probably just stop drinking it.  But it’s fun to type a couple of sentences, pause, sip, type.  If I had a pipe, I’d type, sip, smoke.

Just did that sequence (minus the cool pipe).  Coffee is cold.  I’m done.

2.  The kids are in bed for their naps (it’s approximately 3:42pm).  After a 5.something mile walk, we came home, I fed them a “clean” lunch.   And I don’t mean clean as in healthy, clean eating. I mean clean, as in, no crumbs and crap for me to clean up.  String cheese and turkey.

Then I proceeded to prod them like cattle into their beds as quickly as possible.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

3.  I let Henry get out of the stroller and pee in the middle of our walk.  Nobody saw but I still had a story ready for when someone turned the corner on the greenway.  “He’s had to pee since we started.  Kids these days.”  When really, he didn’t have that much pee, but merely wanted to “make the grass happy.”  Pee=happy grass.  His words, not mine.

How many times did I just type “pee”?  4 in the paragraph above.  One in this line.

4.  I just entered like 4 giveaways.  Sorry if you had to read all those tweets.  But I like winning.  And I like increasing my odds.  I’ll almost always enter to win anything if it means I could win something for free.

Btw, have you entered my giveaway yet?  I won’t mind the tweets.

5.  From where I’m sitting, I can see a firetruck, a Bumbo chair, a walker thingy, a stained couch, a box of toys, EIGHT guitars and wall of books that I no longer have the time to read.

I’m ok with all of that, except the book part.

And if you don’t know what a Bumbo chair is….well, you probably DO know what’s currently on the Top 100 song list, you can watch a movie in ONE sitting, and you don’t have Cheerio-dust ground into your car mats.  Consider yourself lucky.

6.  Travis and I watched Tarantino’s Jackie Brown for the first time this weekend (in two sittings – half on Saturday, half on Sunday).  It was good.  I need the soundtrack.

7.  Speaking of soundtracks, the video of my triathlon got flagged for having copyrighted music in it.  Blast.  Now all the audio is disabled.  I look pretty boring without music in the background.  Don’t go watch it now that I’ve said that.  It’s just sad.  I should take it down.

8.  If I fell asleep right now, I could probably take a 45 minute nap.  But it would take me 15 minutes just to GET to sleep.  Worth it?  Probably not.

9.  Do you know that I haven’t opened up this blog to any of my friends and family?!  Well, that’s not true.  I haven’t made it FB public.  My close friends and family all read.  I know I have some secret Franklin readers, but for the most part, anyone who reads is an online friend.  I wanted to see if I could “make it” first.  The jury’s still out.

10.  Sitting here, I can count 3 bruises on my legs.  I wish I had a cool story about fighting ninjas or something, but I don’t.  In fact, I have no recollection of how they got there.  More than likely, I just tripped while walking.  This happens a lot.

No grace AND no memory!?!  I must have worn a super low cut shirt the day I interviewed to teach Step Aerobics.

11.  Foiled by the coffee again. Now it’s frigid.  I’m done.


You made it THIS far??  I’m starting to doubt your intelligence.

Tomorrow, I promise not to ramble, but instead, disclose the super secret, “you’ll want to know this before anyone else” theme for next week’s Tuesday Trainer.

QUESTIONS – Tell me something random.  It can be ANYTHING!  And, if you’re a secret Franklin reader, comment.  I won’t be mad. :)

**Edited to add:  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the starvation crisis in North Korea.  My sister-in-law recently wrote a post about practical ways that we can help!  Check it!**


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  1. I’ve told you that I secretly stalk you from time to time. I just enjoy laughing at your posts and seeing pictures of my best friend Clara. :)

      1. It has inspired me a bit. Like I made homemade Ratatouille the other night. And my very own trail mix tonight. Yay yummy healthy foods.

  2. This post made me smile. And it also half-convinced me to take up pipe-smoking. The only “real live people” who know about my blog are my parents (who read it multiple times a day) and my sister (who may or may not have ever read it at all). I just feel like of…odd…about being a blogger. It just seems so self-involved!

  3. YOu are too funny. I don’t even want to lsit everything I can see right now as Iwrite this. I SHOULD be cleaning it all up. I will tell you my hairless cat has grown hair, lost most of his teeth and has really bad breath. I also SHOULD be giving him a bath right now.
    And ever since having my twins I have the msot hideous looking belly button in the world! Ugh.
    PS- in my book you’ve already MADE IT!!! :)

  4. You are too funny :) My couches are stained, too. I try to keep up with the stains by cleaning them with baby wipes (classy, right?), but as soon as I wipe them off, new stains appear. I just give up. And allow the stains to remain. I tell people it’s an Italian design. Very expensive. :)

  5. regarding #10…if you have no recollection, it is proof positive that you WERE fighting ninjas..they are so fast that you don’t remember seeing them once they are gone ;)

  6. You asked for random, so you got it. I loved CA. In fact, I loved shopping in CA and when I got home I promptly wrote out Christmas lists for all my kids because I was in shopping withdrawal. I don’t like chaos, but I love having kids. Every day I wonder how in the world my life works but it just kind of does. Last night I was a mean mommy and I cried. I love your blog and you have made it. I didn’t like you when I first moved here but then I just sort of loved you. Still do. Weird, but I’m crazy in my head sometimes.

      1. I’m sad I didn’t like you too! I really don’t know why. I got this impression that you were really opinionated and judgemental…which is so terribly untrue! I thought, I better get to know this girl better, and I’m so glad I did!! You really don’t give that impression so don’t worry. I was just pregnant, and we had just moved to this new place…I was wrong about a lot of things at the time.

  7. Random thought that came to me this morning while I was playing “airplane” w/ my 4-yr-old. Lindsay’s List Tuesday Trainer should do exercises you can do with your children!?! Anyway, I do chest presses, leg lifts, ab work, squats, etc, w/ my little monkey! =) …and I usually break a sweat =).

  8. I love this list. I could have written so much of it. I’m typing during nap time right now. The only reason nap time is so early is because pancakes wiped everyone out. I can touch the bumbo, two walkers, a pack n play and a craft table from where I’m typing. I should probably even be cleaning those said items because the house drooler made her way through everything. I’m so glad I found your blog…I love it.

  9. I like random posts sometimes – it’s a nice peak into normal life. :) I kind of miss writing random posts, just wait until I catch up on randomness next month!

    I can’t believe you haven’t shared your blog on facebook yet, but you’re already getting some good comments (and new online friends). I need all the help I can get, so I post all mine on my wall. It was scary the first few times, but at least people better understand when I take pictures of my food at restaurants. :)

  10. I’m not a secret Franklin reader, but I’m a friend who’s saying ‘you’ve made it, baby!’. Seriously, I think you have. And I was the same way. I blogged about 3 months before I even told any family/friends. And I did make mine ‘FB’ official a couple of months afterwards. Not because I’d made, but because nobody else was reading it. WAHhhhhhh.

  11. I guess I’m not at all a secret reader, nor am I in Franklin now that I think about it, but anyway, I love your blog and wait all morning for it to be posted. :)
    Just let me know when I can refer to it in my own blog add you to my blogs I read list.