Welcome to the very first, very awesome edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  I’m so excited about this new feature.  Mostly because, while I like reading your writing, I LOVE seeing you guys in action.  Listening to you introduce yourselves, seeing your move, and judging you as a person by what kind of workout clothes you’re wearing, just makes life worth living.

The theme for this week was PLYOMETRICS!  One of my favorites!  Plyometrics is a form of conditioning aimed at created controlled impact and maximum power and is used primarily by athletes.  We’re athletes, guys!!  Plyometrics combine speed, agility and quickness all in explosive POWER moves.  Incorporating plyo moves into one’s exercise plan can help condition both fast AND slow twitch muscles.  Whenever I do plyo moves, I feel like my brain is getting as much of a workout as my body, because you really have to THINK to move your body as quickly as possible.

I like to use plyo moves as active rest between lifting moves.  So that’s how I would suggest you incorporate them.  For this week though, I simply made a short circuit out of the submitted moves.  You could easily add pushups, dips, squats, lunges, etc. IN BETWEEN the plyo moves to make this a fuller workout.

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**Disclaimer: Always check with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise plan!!  Specifically, with plyometrics, those with knee and joint problems should take SPECIAL caution!**

Plyometrics Workout:

  • Plyo Warmup
  • Stretch – 5 minutes
  • Circuit – perform each move for 60 seconds, move to the next.
    •  Barrel Jump
    • 360 Plyo Squat
    • Burpee
    • Jumping Plie Squat
  • 60 second rest
  • Repeat circuit 3-4 times.
  • Leg Plyo Combo – 1 time through
  • Stretch – 5 minutes


Plyo Warmup – Janetha, mealsandmoves

Barrel Jump – ME! ;)

360 Plyo Squat – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell

Burpee – Katie, yesiwantcake

Jumping Plie Squat – Christin, christinjoyful

Leg Plyo Combo – Naomi, onefitfoodie

A VERY SPECIAL thank you to the ladies who submitted moves!  I count you all as special friends.  If you were lame and didn’t get to participate this time around, don’t fret.  Come Thursday, I’ll post the theme for next week.  I’ve got tons of ideas for workouts that I think you all will enjoy!  Like I said, I’m hoping that as TT gains in popularity, I’ll be able to provide an entire library of moves to use as resources for you all!

Please keep participating.  And encourage your friends to do the same!!  Bonus points if you include an adorable baby like Katie did!



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  2. Fun stuff! Too bad I’ve been in hiding and didn’t know about this because I have a jump rope video I posted a year or so ago. Oh well. great job ladies!!

    I love lvoe love love plyo. I would rather do that than mind-numbing cardio so when I ended up with a recent injury and told my doc how much plyo I was doing he said “THAT”S TOO MUCH!! no more than twice a week!!” ..that’s also b/c I’m not 26 any more :-)

  3. AWESOME, you guys! Everyone’s video is great. :D Wish I had the time to have gotten in on Tuesday Trainer #1, but I’m in for next week! I’m a huge fan of burpees and love all variations on the move – side burpees, star burpees etc and especially like to use my TRX to up the challenge too putting one foot in it while performing the move. And I have no baby to add…but hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me. ;) Great idea and work, Lindsay (and button, Travis!).