Welcome to the SECOND edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  Last week went rather well, I think.  This week, we’re going to rock it!

First, if you actually DID the TT plyometrics workout last week, raise your hand.  Hope I’m not the only one with my hand raised.  It was a GOOD workout!  My heart was pumping, sweat was pouring, and I may have hated Naomi just a bit near the end.  Go do it!!


This week’s theme was LEGS!  If you actually LIKE doing leg workouts, raise your hand.  Just me?  I actually hate the THOUGHT of doing a leg workout.  For me, it’s one of those things that I start loving about halfway through.  And then when it’s finished, I want to do it again.  I also LOVE feeling sore the next day, like I actually did something to deserve that bowl of cookies and cream.

Today’s workout was FUN to put together. I had a decent amount of lunges to work with, so it is rather lunge heavy, thus quadricep focused. Feel free to sub in a hamstring exercise for one of the lunge exercises if you feel like it. You’ll notice that, for the most part, there are strength moves paired with plyometric moves. So you’ve got the best of both worlds – you’ll tear some muscle fibers AND get a cardiovascular workout!!

Tuesday Trainer Button (thanks Travis!)

If you want to give all your readers access to this workout, just copy the Tuesday Trainer button link onto your site/post.  If you submitted moves, please help spread the word – you’ll want your readers to see how adorable you are!


**Disclaimer: Always check with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise plan!! Pay special attention to the technique and instructions given with every move.**

The Workout

**Choose weights that are challenging, but allow you to perform the recommended repetitions WITH PROPER FORM.  Within each superset, perform the moves back to back, then rest for 60 seconds.  Repeat each superset 3 times.  Rest for 60-90 seconds before moving to the next superset.**

  • Warm-up – 5 minutes (your choice – walk, run, jump rope, Elliptical)
  • Stretch – 5 minutes
  • Superset #1
Basic Squat 12-15 reps
Front/Back Lunge 10 reps per leg
  • Superset #2
Stiff Legged Deadlift 12-15 reps
Plyo Lunge 30-60 seconds
  • Superset #3
Curtsy Lunge 10 reps per leg
Kettleball Swing 60 seconds
  • Superset #4
Multi-directional Lunge 5 reps per leg
Box Jump 10 jumps

The Moves

Basic Squat – Me


Front/Back Lunge – Christin, christinjoyful


Stiff Legged Deadlift – Janetha, mealsandmovesblog


Plyo Lunge – Katie, yesiwantcake


Curtsy Lunge – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


Kettleball Swings – Paige, runningaroundnormal


  1. Grab a kettlebell – be conservative with the weight if it’s your first time trying the exercise – and hold it in front on your hips with both arms straight and your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and your toes pointed slightly outward.
  2. Push your hips back and then bend your knees as you lean forward and bring the kettlebell between your legs.
  3. Thrust your hips forward and straighten your knees and let the snap in your hips be the force to drive the kettlebell upward. Height is not important at this point.
  4. When the kettlebell naturally starts to fall back downward, push your hips back again and begin your second rep.

Multi-directional (Multi-planar) Lunge – Katy, my sister!


Box Jump – Bonnie, bonnielangfitness

A huge thank you to the ladies who submitted moves!!  You guys seriously make this feature SO much fun to put together!!  Like I said last week, I love hearing your voices and seeing you in action – it feels like I know you a little better!

If you’d like to participate next week, come back Thursday when I’ll post the next theme!  For more info on Tuesday Trainer, go here.

Baby Clara and baby Adrienne, Katie’s barefeet, Janetha and her PowerPlate, Christin’s roundhouse…just awesome!

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  2. Thanks for putting this together, Lindsay! SO great – and yes, lunge-heavy, but luckily I love lunges. ;) So fun to see everyone’s moves! Already stoked for next week – can’t wait to hear what the move is and think it up!

  3. i just did legs yesterday! i am so sore. I LOVE LEG DAYS! they are my absolute favorite. i will be doing this workout someday–what a great compilation. i can’t watch the vids now b/c i am at the office.. but maybe once everyone leaves!! hehe. love you! thanks for putting this together it is a lot of fun!