Welcome to the 3rd edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  If you thought yesterday’s workout was tough, well, you don’t have a sense of humor (although I REALLY do work up quite the sweat mowing!!)

This week’s theme is CORE!

Such a vitally important part of our bodies!!  Seriously.  You kinda sorta need your CORE to stand upright and move yourself forward.  Exercising your CORE means more than just exercising your “abs” – in order to build a strong core, you’ll need to work various muscles from the top to bottom of your torso.  I was SO happy that you guys submitted such a DYNAMIC core workout (with GREAT verbal and physical instructions) – all I really had to do was copy and paste YouTube links.

3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Core (Men’s Health)

1. You can strengthen your core without moving a muscle. Whereas most muscles propel you, your core resists movement–for instance, to protect your spine when you twist your torso. So don’t be surprised by how hard it is to stay still during a core workout.  You’re conditioning your core to do its job more effectively.

2. Slouching sabotages your six-pack. Training your core helps correct poor posture. But an hour a week of core work can’t compensate for the 50 hours spent slumped over your keyboard. The fix: Stay tall through your hips and keep your head up and shoulder blades back and down all day long.

3. Core muscles contract first in every exercise. All the energy you exert originates in your torso, before being transferred to your arms and legs. So a weak core reduces the amount of force you’re able to apply to a barbell. When you hit a plateau in presses, squats, or any other strength move, ask yourself if you’re training your core as hard as you can.

I underlined that last part because I thought it was vital.  The main message – CORE WORK IS IMPORTANT!!

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**Disclaimer: Always check with your physician before starting any new diet or exercise plan!! Pay special attention to the technique and instructions given with every move.**

The Workout

**Add this circuit onto the beginning or end of your weightlifting routine.  If adding it on before, make sure to WARMUP and STRETCH before your core work.  Total Core Circuit Time: ~10 minutes.  Perform 1-2 times through, resting 30-60 seconds between circuits.  Honestly, there are enough moves that ONE time through should hit every muscle!  As with any strength training, you should give your abdominal muscles at least 24 hours of rest before training them again.**


  • Walking Plank – 30 seconds
  • TRX Side Plank – 30 seconds each side
  • V Ups – 15 repetitions
  • Side Bends – 20 repetitions each side
  • Turkish Jump Up – 10 Jumps
  • Paper Plate Awesomeness – 20 seconds/skiers, 20 seconds/leg tucks
  • “Stir the Pot” – 15 clockwise circles, 15 counterclockwise circles
  • Round the Clock crunches – 15 repetitions (1 rep=left,center,right)

**Form tip – to decrease neck discomfort, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth while performing these exercises (particularly the crunches or V ups).  It works!**

The Moves

Paper Plate Awesomeness – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Turkish Jump Up – Bonnie, bonnielangfitness Mt. Temple in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada


TRX Side Plank – Heather, betterwithveggies


V-Ups – Kirsten, kcaptures


Round-the-Clock Crunch – Christin, christinjoyful


Walking Plank – Katie, yesiwantcake


“Stir the Pot” – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell

Side Bends, Janetha, mealsandmoves


Balancing Oblique Twist – Me

How can one not smile after seeing all these bloggers in action?!?  I honestly LOVE this feature – you guys make it SO very fun!!  And Bonnie Lang, you’re the cats pajamas for doing that Turkish Jump Up in the flippin snow!  Oh, and Lindsay, no, no I won’t be eating off of those paper plates. ;)

Want to join in on the fun next week (because truly, this is community is FUN!)??  Visit Lindsay’s List on Thursday when I’ll announce the next theme.

P.S.  It may or may not be Travis’ 29th birthday today.  I asked him what he wanted and he responded, “A new guitar.  James Tyler Variax 59.” ?!?!  I’ll get right on it, honey.


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  1. Just found this through Cotter Crunch – love the blogger round up! Also, Bonnie Lang…you are my new hero. I went to school in Maine and miss running around in crazy snow/pretending I can ski/really wanting to be inside!

  2. Love this series! The paper plate workout was great. It’s amazing how easy your core gets weak after you have a baby! I’m working to strengthen mine back up and these workouts are perfect :)

    p.s. got my gift in the mail. i felt like a million bucks. is it sad that a coupon for free yogurt does this to me?

  3. Hey Lindsay! Just found your blog through Meals & Moves. I’ve been in search of a new awesome core workout and this would be great to help me switch up my routine!

    Thanks a lot! Look forward to following (:


  4. ha!! that workout with the lawnmower is AMAZING hahahahaha it makes me think maybe some day i would mow the lawn but probably not because its on my list of men only activities

  5. This is awesome — great job ladies!
    I had a couple killer ideas I really wanted to share…then I got sort of shy. Guess I’ll have to get over that soon & just do the video. I’m antsy to learn what the next theme is on Thurs!

  6. Wahoo! Another Tuesday Trainer success! Way to go Lindsay, and to everyone who submitted a video! Great moves. I hope you can all tell how to modify mine – the words ended up getting a bit cut off. [Just use body weight only and use your knee on the ground and/or your hand to help yourself up. Thanks for the fun compilation of moves!]

  7. Awesome exercises! Especially impressed with the one in the snow…so ingenious! :)

    Lindsey, here’s what it says about the James Tyler…”This revolutionary new instrument proved to be incredibly expressive, and allowed players to connect to their music and their audiences in powerful ways. As music evolved, traditional electric guitars clung to the past, but others provided broader palates of sounds.”

    DON’T tell my Travis about this guitar, kay? teehee :)

      1. Hey Janetha! Yes – it was this weekend. But I don’t know why my blog is down! :( Bummed out a little…it’s from Monday’s post complete with some great photos of the beautiful spot I live in! Fun to film up there, even with the wind.

        I, too, love the side braid!