Tuesday Trainer.  Thursday’s Theme.  Alliteration at its finest.  (Eden, that would be a hilarious post topic – making up funny day-of-the-week alliterations)

Welp, Tuesday Trainer was a HIT, ya’ll!!  It scored Lindsay’s List the most page views of all time!  Don’t ask how many – more than 5 and less than 5 million.  But closer to 5.

I let Henry help out with picking the theme for this week.  I asked him what rhymes with pegs.  He said soap.  I jumped up in the air and asked him if he knew what helped me jump so high.  He said Mr. Incredible.  I pointed to my legs and asked him “what these were”?  He said spider veins.  Smart aleck.

If you haven’t already guessed, the theme for this week is LEGS!!

If you’re like me, your legs are what need the most attention.  I think that most women either lift really light on leg days, or they avoid working them at all, fearing that they will just get bigger.  Well, that’s just silly!  We just don’t have the testosterone it takes to build MASSIVE muscles.  And for good reason.  I don’t know a whole lot of men who want to be dating, well, women who look like men.

The point is…work those legs, ladies!!

And work them, we will!!

If you’re new to TT, it’s basically a way for you guys to have a stake in creating an awesome workout.  You take the theme (legs this upcoming week) and film yourself completing a move that falls within the theme.  With the submitted moves, I’ll create a workout.  Depending on the number of submitted moves, I may or may not be able to USE every single one in the workout.  Don’t worry!  I will still feature them at the bottom, with a link to your site.  Go here for details on how to upload your video.

Here’s my move – A Basic Squat:

A few guidelines:

  • Feel free to give tips on proper execution and technique.
  • DON’T include a number of reps or weight.  I’ll do that part.
  • If your move isn’t correct, meaning improper form or instruction, I will not be able to feature it.  Do your homework and get it right!!
  • On Tuesday, grab the Tuesday Trainer button, to provide your readers with an easy link to the workout!  Simply copy the text below and paste it into your HTML code.


<center><a href=”http://lindsayslist.co/tuesday-trainer/” target=”_blank”> <img title=”lindsayslist.co-tuesday trainer” src=”http://lindsayslist.co/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/tt1.png” alt=”lindsayslist.co-tuesday_trainer” width=”195″ height=”211″ /> </a></center>

Since I really want to feature YOUR moves and not necessarily my own, the first person who sends me a basic squat will be assured a spot in the workout I put together.

Alright.  You’ve got the theme, you’ve got until Monday night, and now you’ve got the mental image of what my legs must look like with spider veins.  Smart alecks.

**DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 19th, at 8pm EST.  Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***


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  2. awesome! Great form (thighs parallel to ground, woowoo).
    I’m torn between a couple favorite moves. I might let you decide. Now to film. Hmm, I hope they turn out ok. :/ One I want to do at the gym. embarrassing…

    1. darn. there is no way i will get this in tonight. we were out of town this weekend, & i wanted to do my move at the gym. my idea was some women seem intimidated by the equipment, & i wanted to show it’s really not scary to use it for something like a stationary lunge & the benefit of being able to lift heavier weights by doing so. dave won’t be home in time to film for the deadline. next time for sure! sorry :(

        1. We did! We went climbing at one of our fave spots. :) You know, I don’t even think we can get that brand here. I don’t eat much dairy, & I’m pretty picky when I do… :/ How fun though — your first review!

  3. are kidding me?! I do admit, my legs are fabulous, but in no way am I qualified to give anybody tips on exercising unless it involves kegels.

    I just like pretending to be a vaginal expert.

    Actually…I DO have a leg move. But you can only do it after not shaving it for at least four weeks so you begin to resemble a bear. I call it the “Bear-able Squat”. Anyhow, you have to eat some beans an hour before too. Ok then, you bend your knees to a 35 degree angle, put you hands on your hips, tilt your head slightly (this has no affect on the legs, it just looks better this way), and they you let out a fart.

    Farting burns like a ton of calories so its really effective!

  4. Wahoo! I love legs! Meeker would be so proud of you getting parallel on those squats – his biggest grievance with people at the gym (his clients) is that they do these itty bitty little quarter squats. I’m excited to show you my move!

  5. SO SO FUN!! PS I will be making your bruschetta chicken…amazing. I may have to film BIlly doing the legs move because who knows if I will be able to walk after the century ha. LOVED all the moves from everyone and can’t wait to try them out!