It’s Thursday and it’s raining.  Bleck.  I’m just thankful that my gym has childcare and that I can go bust out a few miles on the treadmill here in a bit.  Being cooped up in the house is SO not my style.  Plus, when I get back, I’ll shower and put on PJ’s.  Not alot of people get to do that during the day.  Like I said yesterday, I’m blessed!

Let me get right to it and tell you guys this week’s Tuesday Trainer theme.  I’m too tired to even make you guess.  I blame the rain.


The theme is CORE.  Another favorite of mine.  I usually try to do my corework every other day, at the beginning of my workout (after a warm-up and stretching).  If I leave it until afterwards, I’m more likely to just skip it all together.

If you’re new to Tuesday Trainer, it’s basically a way for you guys to have a stake in creating an awesome workout. You take the theme (CORE this upcoming week) and film yourself completing a move that falls within the theme.  With the submitted moves, I’ll create a workout. Depending on the number of submitted moves, I may or may not be able to USE every single one in the workout. Don’t worry! I will still feature them at the bottom, with a link to your site. Go here for details on how to upload your video.

Here’s my CORE move. A Balancing Oblique Twist.

A few guidelines:

  • Feel free to give tips on proper execution and technique.
  • DON’T include a number of reps or weight. I’ll do that part.
  • If your move isn’t correct, meaning improper form or instruction, I will not be able to feature it. Do your homework and get it right!!
  • On Tuesday, grab the Tuesday Trainer button, to provide your readers with an easy link to the workout! Simply copy the text below and paste it into your HTML code.

**DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 26th, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

So I’m sure you’re wondering what THE ANNOUNCEMENT is, right?

No – I’m not pregnant.  No – I haven’t been asked to be an OnWhey Ambassador (although I gladly would!)

The news is: I just signed up for my first triathlon.  And…it’s in 2 weeks!?!!


This is the first year for the WNC Outdoorathlon, a day-long outdoor event that features live music, food, demos and race events.   In addition to fly fishing and climbing demonstrations, there will be a 5k and a Triathlon.

When I first heard about this event, I knew that I’d sign up for the 5k.  I can do a 5k.  However, the triathlon caught my eye because they replaced the “swim” portion with KAYAKING!  I’m no swimmer, but I can kayak in still water.

I’m aware that two weeks of training is not adequate.  I’m masochistic.  I’m also kind of in love with the idea that if I don’t do well, I can just blame it on “failure to train”.  I just want to have fun and say that I did it!  My plan is to get at least one kayaking and one biking practice in before the 8th.  That’s about all I’ll have time for.

So triathletes:  Any training tips?  What should I eat before hand?  During?  What should I wear?  HELP!!

Also, deadline for entering my giveaway is tonight at midnight.  I’ll announce the FIVE winners tomorrow!


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  1. You will stomp that triathalon into the ground. You are so athletic–I can’t wait to see/read how it goes. Yay for core.. I think I may have to actually film this week!

  2. I’ve never done a triathalon, but good luck! As far as advice goes I’d say wear clothes that are comfortable for you, push yourself every chance you get, and find some workout mantras to encourage you along the way, such as ‘you got this.’ That’s my fave : )

  3. Ahh a triathlon!! I’m so excited for you! I’ve wanted to do one forever! I can’t wait to hear all about your training and how it goes.

    Also, I’m getting my TT in early this week!

  4. I’m so excited about the core workout you’re going to put together! I know there will be tons of great moves.

    You are totally kick-ass in my book for signing up for that race! I totally would have too because I’ve always wanted to do a tri, but haven’t because I don’t have anywhere to practice the swimming part…I need to look into the adventure races and see what else is out there!!

  5. The truth is that I know nothing about core workouts as evidenced by my core which is…in need of a good workout! :)

    2 weeks until a triathalon? You are a star my friend…I am amazed at what you can accomplish!

  6. Oooh – I love core workouts…well maybe love is the wrong word. :) I did have a question though – I use my TRX for most of my strength training, which I know is a piece of equipment not everyone will have. Is the goal of the Tuesday Trainer to avoid equipment needed moves?

    As for your race – yeah! New sports are fun. I think this one is more acurately called an adventure race — which is still SUPER cool — since it doesn’t have swim, bike, & run for a triathlon. I’m guessing the transition from kayak to bike won’t be a problem, so just make sure to practice riding your bike and then immediately going for a short run. That’s the part that usually trips people up, since your legs tend to feel like bricks or jelly. Good luck!!

    1. So, maybe I shouldn’t butt it, but I would say ‘show us your moves!’ Even if we don’t have a TRX set up, it might spark someone’s interest to try TRX or it might inspire us to create a variation of your move using other means. I don’t know…I’d say go for it.
      Lindsay~ I love kayaking! What a fun race. Good luck & have fun! Where do you normally kayak?