Three years ago, I was just a wife:

2005-06-04 18.58.36

Today, I am a married, MOTHER:


Three years ago, I ate this:

Nothing – just in case I had to have a C-section.

Today, I ate this:


Three years ago,  I looked like this:


Today, I look like this:


Three years ago, I held this guy for the first time:


Today, this guy hardly sits still long enough for me to hold him:


Three years ago, I was scared for what was to come.  Today, I know that I needn’t be scared at all. 

Thank you, Henry Cole, for making me a mother.  A hat I’ll get to wear for the remainder of my years.

Thank you, Travis, for coming along for the ride.  Holding hands, together through the good and bad.

Thank you, God, for bestowing this great blessing.  For giving me something I didn’t earn.

Happy Birthday, my handsome lad.  Thank you for the past 3 years!


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