Let’s face it.  I lead a boring life.  In fact, today’s highlights include:

  • Sizing up the weights of my competitor (aka a clueless Bootcamp bystander) and choosing heavier weights than she.  I won.
  • Finally taming Henry’s cowlick – using the age-old spit method.  I like to think of myself as a Mama Cow, tending to her calf.  And since Clara still nurses, saying I’m a Mama Milking Cow would be an “udder-statement”.  (seriously, Lindsay?…seriously)
  • And spending 15 minutes trying to find a way to make more almond butter fit into my already-too-full oatmeal bowl.  I ended up just moving it to a bigger bowl.

See….Don’t you wish your life was hot like mine.  Dontcha.  Dontcha.

Instead of being green with envy for the things I don’t have and the life I don’t lead, today I choose to look at the little things that make my world a little brighter.

Fun Mail!!

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway that the hungriest runner I know was having (which btw, she’s having another one today!).  And look!  It arrived in the mail a few days ago!!


It’s a RaceDay book!  A keepsake book, with pockets, that holds information and pictures from 10 different races!!


I love this idea because I’m always forgetting my race times and how I felt during a race. This way, I can keep track of every detail:  Clock Time, Chip Time, Placing, Weather Conditions.  I may even include what I ate before the race so I know whether to eat that certain breakfast again.

Thanks, Janae!!  I love it!!

We also got two things that I didn’t win, but paid for: K-Cups from Big Cat Coffee and OnWhey Protein Powder!  Although getting coffee in the mail seems like winning – winning at addiction?



Clara’s hair

Justin Bieber Hairstyle015

Flat, too long, flung to the side.  She’s basically Justin Bieber’s love child.  And animal prints are fine for anyone younger than 2 years old.  I read it in a magazine.


You know I had to try out our workout, girls!  Let me tell you…it’s awesomely hard!!  In an awesome way Winking smile

I often wonder what my life (and body) would look like if Travis hadn’t introduced me to weightlifting some 10 years ago in college.  I remember starting out and how I didn’t want to “get big” and needed to “sculpt”, so I’d only use the machines in our gym.  Little did I know that I was pretty much just wasting my time.

Luckily, over the years, I’ve eagerly searched for more and more information on weightlifting.  Getting my personal training certification was just the icing on the cake.  Now I get to help others change and refine their bodies!  #musclesaresexy.

Serving Travis

That’s right. I said SERVE. Actually, I just yelled it. Let me tell you – it is a privilege to serve my husband. In fact, it’s what I was designed to do – to be his helpmeet. I enjoy making his meals, doing his laundry, watching after our children, and supporting his interests in any way I can. I think having the right attitude when I do these things helps the most. I’m not serving Travis. I’m serving God.

The best part is that when I lovingly do these things, Travis is more apt to help ME out! It works both ways! Seriously, ladies, try it!

Henry’s laugh

Punkinhead is actually a family name.

My life may not be exciting, but it’s bubbling over with goodness.  Faith, family, coffee, friends, workouts….all little things that add up to make one happy ME!

Question: What are some of the little things that give your life joy??  Are you addicted to anything??

Oh, and don’t you want to win something???  Enter my giveaway??


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  2. LOVE the mama cow reference! :D And man…Henry is so cute! :D Blessed for sure – focusing on the truths and the goodness around me today too. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is wonderful. I have been thinking about the little things too & even writing a short little post about those seemingly little but precious moments with Dave & Eisley that have made my week. :)

  4. Oh LInds, you make me smile! It IS the little things in life that do mean the most. I love your spin on serving your husband. Sometimes its alot for me to swallow my pride, but when we serve its other, its a win-win. I think we should fix up Clara and PB ;)

  5. So many good things! I don’t even know where to start commenting.

    1. I have a nasty cowlick, too. Sorry Henry, you’re stuck with it. But you probably don’t care as much as you would if you were a girl.

    2. My niece has that lime green leapord print outfit that Clara is wearing (and I love her Bieber hair).

    3. I also love serving Meeker…so glad I was chosen to be a helpmeet.

    4. Punkinhead’s laugh made me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  6. when my cat runs around my condo and her belly sways from side to side–it brings me joy and laughter. drinking warm tea first thing in the morning also brings me great joy.

    i can’t say i’m addicted to anything, but i regularly enjoy exercising, cooking healthy food, drinking hot tea, and reading blogs.

  7. I love this list, especially the one about serving your husband. That’s such a misunderstood statement and you did an excellent job explaining why it is a joy! :) Thanks for the tip of the giveaway and introducing a new blog to me – I love new blogs!