Fuh fuh fuh Friday!!  YES!!

If you’re anal like me, you’ve already got a list of what needs to happen this weekend.  I usually only get half of the things done, but it feels good to have it all written out so I can have a goal.  Travis just loves that I’m so drill sergeantish.

***Edited to add: After hitting “Publish”, I got this awesome email in my inbox:


I guess I’m getting some Brooks!  That was easy!  Want in on the deal?  Go here and use the coupon code BEACTIVE11.

Actually, now that I look at my list, I’m realizing that I left out:

  • Work on Better Breakfast for Janetha
  • Mow Lawn (hopefully for the last time this year)
  • Get out H & C’s winter clothes

I’m sure there will be other things that don’t make the list.  Like fighting with Travis over who’s the prettiest (he is) and seeing how many Halloween Pumpkins I can eat on Saturday afternoon.  Yeah, since I know both of those will happen, I should just probably go ahead and write them down and THEN have the satisfaction of the list “mark-through”.  Yep, definitely.  Such a good feeling (the mark-through and the sugar high).

Now onto some winners!!

Drumroll please.  The FIVE winners for the YoCrunch giveaway are:






Congrats!!  Please shoot me an email (lindsaymwright at yahoo dot com) with your mailing addresses and I’ll get your coupons out ASAP!!

Questions:  Any big plans for the weekend??  Do you mark through or do a check mark beside things that are done on your lists?  Surely I’m not the only one who has like 10 lists going at once.


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  1. Me too! I never win! I’m definitely buying a lottery ticket today as well.

    Aside from my glorious win, I have to tell you that I am crazy about lists too! They both amuse and drive my boyfriend nuts when he finds them floating all around the house! I bought myself some Brooks today too. Can’t pass up that deal!