Hey Guys!  Welcome to the new website!  Please stay a while and enjoy yourself!!

I Travis have been working really hard for the last two weeks to get everything up and running.  Just FYI, Lindsayslist.com was taken. (If you’re reading this and you happen to own the rights, make me a deal dude).

A few highlights of this new and completely awesome site:

  • New Banner – courtesy of Travis
  • Scrolling recent posts – If you miss a post, it’s an easier way to catch up.
  • Updated “About Me” page  some newish pictures.  Definitely something that I need to update on a monthly basis.
  • New Font – Garamond

Lucky for you, one thing that will remain the same are my amazing jokes and banter.

Just a reminder: please update your RSS feeds and readers.  And PLEASE leave comments.   It shows you care (or that you’re a comment troll).  Either way, I’ll take the time to respond.


So, welcome!!  Please come again and again (TWSS)



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  1. New site! So cool! Does this mean you’re self-hosted? I don’t really understand what that means but think it’s a good idea. Looking forward to catching up with your life a bit, and hope that head cold is gone. :(