saving cake

Remember when I told you my rule on birthdays?

That they’re not over until your birthday cake is gone.

Ha!  With that rule, a veritable battlefield is created in my mind because:

  1. I love birthdays.
  2. I love cake.

See the problem? 

Here’s what I came home with:

1/3 Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Silly Katy thought it would be a good idea to bring this to my birthday dinner, thus FORCING me to share with others.  I was whispering obscenities through my teeth while doling out the plates.

So how do you make your birthday, i.e. your birthday cake last longer? How do we prolong this yearly celebration?  How long can I trick Travis into playing with my hair “because it’s my birthday”?

I’ve got some solutions….

Eat your cake with a baby spoon.

Or teaspoon.  Or jab at it with one of those teeny pirate swords you get with fruity drinks.  Whatever it may be, you want to get as little cake in your mouth as possible.  If crumbs fall away, that’s even better.  Remember, crumb calories don’t count.

Treat yourself to cake after you’ve gone the whole day without _________.

Insert something outlandish here.

    • When you’ve gone the entire day without cussing under your breath.
    • Without picking at Clara’s nose boogies.
    • Without wishing you lived in Paris and had an expense account.

OR, it could go the other way.  Treat yourself when you HAVE done something that day: 

    • When you’ve done 300 squats.
    • When you’ve washed all the laundry AND put it all away.
    • When you’ve smiled and laughed when Henry poops in his pull-up.  For. the. 3rd. time. today.

Like I said – something outlandish.

Become a professional “cake shaver”.

Defying gravity here, folks!

Much like a butcher trims gyro meat, you’ll want to slice your cake.  Thin and wafer-like.  If you can see through the cake, you get double points.  Or maybe just another paper-thin slice.   Combine this method with the pirate sword and you’ll have cake for months.

And my last tip… if all else fails…

Bake brownies.

Self explanatory.  It’s a win-win.

While it might give some people the heebie geebies to think about week old cake, I assure you that it still tastes fresh.  And if it means that Travis will still give me “birthday foot massages”, I plan to use ALL my tricks!

Right down to the last stale, calorie-free crumb.



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  1. Clicked on your link from Bower Power and I have to say I was rolling with laughter through this entire post. Thank you for making me smile today :) Oh, and your post about the nap- I totally feel you :) I will be coming back to read more Lindsay!