no nap for you

Soup Nazi…anyone? anyone?

I’d like to tell you that my nap went as planned.  But then I’d be a big far liar.

Actually, not only did it not storm (the sun came out and has shone brightly ever since), but about 20 minutes after hitting “Publish”, Clara woke up.

At least she’s cheerful.

Ugh….no rest for the weary and no nap for this mommy.  Hopefully Travis and I can call it an early night.

The day started off nicely.  I walked solo today because Bekah’s baby had to go to the doctor (ear infection).  And just for the record, whenever I say “solo”, I mean the kids and I.  They. are. always. around!  :)

The plan was to do intervals for 4.5 miles, walking a quarter mile, jogging a half.  During the first interval, I quickly discovered that my front wheel was loose.  It wobbled anytime I went faster than a fast walk.  Ugh…no run for you!  (soup nazi…anyone? anyone?)  Needless to say, I ended up walking the 4.5.

I was trying to get a picture of what the humidity does to my hair.  A million tiny ringlets frame my face…much like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiara’s.  Only I don’t go home with a rhinestone crown and future eating disorder.

After the walk, we did our normal morning routine.  Clara napped while Henry and I watched Beauty and the Beast and caught up on blogs.  I also searched for recipes to use these guys in:

Fresh peaches!  (thanks momma!)

I might end up making Katie’s Ginger-Peach Corn Muffins.  Except that I really dislike ginger.  It reminds me taking ginger pills for my morning sickness…not something I want to remember.  Do you guys have any great peach recipes???

And you know how the rest of the day went.  In a few minutes, we’re off to look at foreclosure.  4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,000 sq.ft. for 134,900!!!  Fingers crossed that it sounds as good to Travis as it does to me!  I’ll let you all know how it goes!

And send me those recipes, please! :)



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  1. Thanks for the link love!! My favorite thing to do with peaches is make cobbler…mmm, that crumbly topping is to die for. And I SWEAR that babies know when you want to sleep and wake up so that it’s impossible. At least that’s what mine does. ;-)