I’ve had a couple people ask me about the new job.  (Namely my dad and if this means that I can start paying him back for my college tuition. Ummm…no, dad. No. But I can get you into free water aerobics classes!!!!!! :)  Not doing it for you??  How about I’ll birth some more grandchildren for you to babysit every single Saturday night??  Still no?  Darn.)

For any new readers, let me fill you in real fast.

I was recently hired at our local fitness center to be a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Right now and for the next two weeks, I’m shadowing classes.  Which means I’m trying to go to every.single.class that I can attend, to see the setups and teacher style, etc.   A couple of things I’ve observed so far:

  • People hate subs – (Right, Tina?!?)  I think particularly for this small, rural town, the clients form bonds with their instructors and they don’t like it when another teacher has to teach the class.  A lot of times, the client will even CALL AHEAD to see if their regular instructor is teaching that day, and if not, they won’t show up!!  In a way, I understand this sentiment, namely because we have some truly awesome instructors!  However, being a sub right now, I NEED for people to show up to any class that I teach.  Because I need the practice.  And I need people to practice on.  Insert mad scientist laugh here.
  • Step Instructors are MACHINES!  Or at least mine is!  We’ll just call her Schmathey.  Schmathey is probably 50 years old, has an 8 pack and no cellulite.  If I didn’t like her so much, I’d hate her.  She’s been teaching for 23 years and is just “WOW”.  Her routines are intricate and hard and inspiring.  I just feel so very goofy taking her class.  I’ve tried mumbling instructions to myself while taking the class.  Don’t even ask about the “seriously?” faces I get from fellow steppers.  What I’ve found:  It’s impossible to speak and move at the same time.  (No seriously, go do it.  Just me?  crap).  If I weren’t so competitive, I’d ask to be taken off the Step Sub list.  But I’m going to go for it, flailing limbs and all.  Just please don’t call ahead to see if I’m teaching.
  • Water aerobics is no joke, sister! –  I remember walking into that very first water aerobics class, a slight tilt in my neck (you know – so as to hold my nose up higher), and looking around at these “older” ladies, thinking “I’ll show you a thing or two.”  Umm….yeah…I totally drowned twice.  Well, not really, but almost.  If I thought the step aerobics class required advanced coordination, I was wrong.  Have you tried bicycling your legs in the OPPOSITE direction?!?!?  It’s stinking impossible.  (Go do it on the floor right now….Just me?  crap).  And don’t even think that you can just get in the front row your very first class.  Because you’ll get the stink eye and a few wrinkly elbow jabs directly to your gullet.

I’ve got 2 weeks to get this stuff down pat, people.  Anyone want to be my guinea pig and come take a impromtu class???  Any tips from seasoned group instructors??  I’m off to go take my SECOND class of the day, Bootcamp Intervals!!  Hopefully I can function without a gullet.


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  2. I need to say I’m impressed. Very seldom do I come across a blog that is both educative as well as entertaining. Just want to tell you that you have most definatly hit the nail on the head. Your suggestion is fantastic. Thank you is all I really have to say !!

  3. How fun to be learning something new! Also, I’ve taught water aerobics before, but it was a joke. It was like a social hour for moms. Fun, but not very difficult – I would love to take a class of yours!

  4. Wow! Maybe I haven’t been reading long enough to know about the new job – congrats! Did you get certified for the role, and if so, through whom? Also, that Schmathey sounds awesome – like my mom. She’s also a PT like me and is so cut you wouldn’t believe it…try not comparing yourself to your ripped 54 year old mom. ;) I’m so proud of her! Women like them give us great examples of continuing to live life fully as we age. Hope class #2 rocked!