joyful joyful

Sunday is, quite possibly, my favorite day of the week.

There’s church, and the worship and fellowship that comes with it.  Then, if we’re lucky, my parent’s invite us all out for lunch and they pay.

Sunday is also my rest day from all exercise, so I lay around after church (in either T-shirt/boxers or my nursing dress – YES, there’s a dress).  Sometimes we nap, or like today, Travis and I are watching a movie while the kids sleep.

When the kids wake up, we’ll more than likely go for a slow walk or to dinner at one of our parents’ houses.  Eating a meal, that is probably centered around country cooking and made with love.  In other words, really unhealthy.

Sunday is also our last day to spend as a family, before beginning a week of non-stop going!  It’s our last day to cuddle and play and laugh, without worrying about the clock or being somewhere.

It’s just a great day. 

A day that the Lord has made. 

So let us REJOICE and be glad in it!

Yep, definitely my most favorite day!


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