We’re falling to pieces over here at the Wright house today.

Well not really, but Thursday’s are just.not.good.days for us!!  The kids are whinier.  I’m always exhausted.  Even chocolate won’t help.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s only ALMOST the weekend and the kids have had to put up with me for 4 days or what.  I blame Travis.  On the weekends, he sings them songs with his guitar and reads imaginary books with his palms.  He’s super fun.  I’m super not.

In fact, before bed last night, I asked Travis what I should blog about today.  He thought I said, “What should I DO today?”  He replied, “Just don’t come crying to me about how it’s Thursday and how you need help and how it’s so hard to be you on Thursdays”.  Then he went into a Lindsay impression where he waved his hands in the air and acted hysterical.  Then I karate chopped his Adam’s Apple.


Thursdays just seem to have a lot of mountain HIGHS and valley LOWS.  Today wanted to live up to its reputation.

LOW:  I started a load of laundry early this morning in hopes of starting the day off right.   Then moved it along to the dryer, before we went for our run.  When I got back, hoping for clean, dry clothes, I noticed that my white workout shirt was pink.  And Travis’ yellow t-shirt was orangish.   Darn you, hot pink baby bloomers!! (say that three times fast)

HIGH:  Since I had to re-wash everything, I used the time that I would normally do laundry to do more important things….like read blogs.




LOW:  While walking by the bookshelf, I somehow managed to hit my arm on our remote control holder (that holds everything but the remote controls).  It crashed to the ground, displaying a whole myriad of teeny tiny items that I had forgotten about (and had to pick up off the floor, one by one).


HIGH:  Among the stash:  a super old container of Tiger Balm,  TWO sets of toenail clippers, 10 Fun Factory cards, 49 cents in change, AND…..


I’ve been looking for those…

LOW:  While walking around Bi-Lo today, I gave Henry a box of Clif Bars to hold, with specific instructions NOT TO OPEN THEM until we got home.  I should have noticed the wink that went down between he and Clara.  Like two minutes later, Clara starts screaming, you know, to divert my attention.  Next thing I know, 5 Clif Bars are splayed across the tile, the box ripped to smithereens.   5 bars, and not 6, because of course, Henry kept one for himself.


HIGH:  Spent $66.10.  Saved $48.04!!  What-what!


And last:

HIGH:  Reading the guest post I wrote for Holly (the Everythingtarian) and feeling like a rockstar, forgetting all about the day’s LOWS.



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  2. I spy me! And yes………………. I am slowly catching up. Okay, so in the comment on your latest post that wouldn’t post, I told you to check out Tina and Candice because they both have banging after baby bodies. But now I see Tina’s comment above and clearly you know how much ass she kicks. But if you haven’t, check out Candice. She is my real life neighbor and has twin 1 year olds and is riiiiiiiiipped. I think you could relate to her and would like her blog! bodyofamother.com

    Anyway–I could say sorry about the highs and lows, but that was almost a week ago, and I am sure you are back on the highs again, or so I hope :)

  3. Is it awful that I think pictures of cute chubby babies crying are hysterical and cute?! Love that Clara face. Sorry about all the bums today – my day was like that yesterday, but today looked up – there’s always tomorrow! :-)

  4. Loved the way you recapped your highs and lows in this post, although I’m sorry for the lows. :( Grocery shopping with kids sounds so hard! I don’t know how moms – any and all moms! – do it! You’re amazing. I hope your evening turns into the best Thursday night ever! :D

    1. I don’t know, Tina! I’ve tried my hardest to figure this one out. It’s like Fridays are manageable because you KNOW that the weekend is almost there. But Thursdays….ugh. It’s ok. God’s mercies are NEW every morning. And tomorrow morning is a FRIDAY morning ;)