thankful thursday

I’m sure that a “Thankful Thursday” post has been done before.  Lots.  In fact, the only ORIGINAL ideas these days seem to come from children.  No, Henry, you can’t put “hice cream” on your grilled cheese”.  Butter, Bread, Cheese, Ice Cream.  What’s not to love?  

Even if the alliterated title is nothing new, it’s not going to stop me from using it.  I’m thankful EVERY DAY.  It should go without “listing” that I’m so grateful for my husband, children and family, my health, for salvation.  God has given me FAR more than I deserve.  And all I can give in return are my praises.

Today, I’m thankful for:

#1.  Hummus

Oh, hummus.  You are a really great friend.  For the longest time, I pronounced you “hugh-mus”.  I remember going to a vegan restaurant in Asheville on time, ordering “hugh-mus” and getting called out for it.  Small town girl.  I really haven’t met a hummus that I didn’t like.  Tribe, Sabra, Cedar’s.  I like you all!  I found this new-to-me brand, Nature’s Healthy Gourmet, while we were in Asheville last week.

So creamy, not too spicy.  Perfect on pretzels.  Or veggies.  Or by the spoonful.  I could easily eat this entire container.


#2.  Centaurs

Nuff said….

Does this really need an explanation?!?  Half-horse, half-man.  Fully awesome.

No but seriously…our local theater group is putting on a Narnia show next week.  My brother-in-law is playing a centaur.  Look at how freaking awesome his costume is!!!  That’s him modeling it.

#3.  Local fruits and veggies

Or more specifically, veggies that I’ve grown in my garden.  I don’t think anyone (except my father) knows just how lazy I can be.  Every summer up until now, I’ve casually stolen beans, corn, you name it, from my parents’ garden.

I’m not sure what changed, but this year, I sucked it up and planted a small one of my own.  I grew brocolli, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and green leaf lettuce.  And all organic.  Total money invested: maybe $10.  I’m not ashamed to toot my own horn.

#4.  When I get things in the mail!

Yes, most everything I receive, I have PAID for, so I should expect them to come.  But it’s still super exciting to receive things in the mail, right!?!  Travis usually brings in the mail when he comes home from work.  Most days, I’m more excited for what he has in his hand than the fact that he’s home.  That sounds bad (love you babe).  But seriously, it’s like Christmas morning when I get something.  A couple of weeks ago, Kashi sent me these pita chips:

What I wish had happened:  Kashi caught word of this amazing blog and sent me a box so that I’d write a review to publicize their brand.

The truth:  I can’t exactly remember, but I’m pretty sure I friended Kashi on Facebook, filled out a form, allowed them access into all my personal information, and then they sent me the box.

The jury’s still out on the taste.  The pita chips are a little bland.  I think I prefer Stacy’s.

Today, though, I did receive something LEGIT in the mail.

The hottest cookbook on the market!  I’ve been waiting on this one for a couple months now!!

It took me no time at all to crack it open and ear-mark some recipeas.  I’m thinking about making these Black Bean burgers this weekend.  Can’t wait to get in the kitchen!

#5.  A husband, who is leading this family in the right direction.  And a son, who is eagerly following.

I definitely saved the best for last.


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  1. It made me laugh when you pointed out that your mom was a dental hygienist so you brushed ALOT! Anyway, great post! You are right that we should be thankful everyday, not just Thursdays. I also hope that Kashi sees your amazing blog!