sugar free, you and me

A list of things I love:

  1. Sugar
  2. Brownies dipped in Sugar
  3. Ice Cream, covered in Brownies, dipped in Sugar

So when my sister, Katy, threw out the idea of going one week without sugar, I think I fainted a little.  Sugar is good.  Sugar is my friend.  Sugar is what gets me through twice- daily workouts on little sleep (ahem, you listening, Nursing Mc. Nursersin??).  BUT, if you know me, you know that I like a challenge.  And this challenge will be epic.

We’re doing a no-sugar added challenge.  Which makes fruits and lactose sugars OK.  We have to stay away from all other sugars: honey, evaporated cane juice, HFCS (duh!), molasses, agave, stevia, sucralose….you get the picture.  If it has sugar of any form on the ingredients list, it’s a no-no!

I started the morning off with a snack before my first workout.

Nurser McNursersin modeling an organic Gala.  And puncturing the peel…teething, gah!!

Then I met the ladies for hill intervals.  We gabbed for over an hour and got good and sweaty (LOVE sweating!).  My friend, Bekah, even surprised me with an early birthday present (it’s not until August, she just loves GIVING!).

An IPOD shuffle!!  I’ve been needing a new MP3 player since mine bit the dust.  Thank you, Bek!!!

When we got home, I was semi-hungry so I got a shower, nursed Clara and put her down for a nap.  Then made this bowl, which Henry has coined, “Eggs and Leaves”.


Plus 1 egg + 2 whites

Plus shredded cheese.  Plain Chobani and Texas Pete were added after I took the photo.

I have this for breakfast most mornings.  It’s savory.  It’s spinachy.  And the Chobani adds a nice twang.   No sugar here.

When Clara woke up, we loaded up and went grocery shopping.  I caught myself before taking a tiny bite of Henry’s free bakery cookie.  Eek – this is going to be hard.  I really had to label-read more than usual – EVERYTHING has sugar in it!!  Even my favorite pretzels!?!  I found some good things nonetheless and headed home.  My favorite find:

These adorable ice cream cones!  Fantasies of ice cream were dancing in my head…  Not till next week!

Got the kids down for their naps and scarfed a string cheese/turkey/almond combo.  I’ll have to remember to take pictures of that little recipe.  Hint: you take string cheese.  Roll it up in turkey.  One almond to one bite cheese and turkey ratio. 

I just finished up my second helping while typing up this post.  Tonight’s workout will be upper body/core.  Dinner:  Grilled porkchops and salad.  I’ll probably throw in a dessert before bed.  Not sure what yet, probably some Chobani with natural peanut butter.

Tomorrow:  I see withdrawal headaches in my future.


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  2. Um I love lists! Your blog name makes me so happy! Lists are such a huge passion of mine, I am freaking out about how amazing your blog name is, don’t change it. I love the header, too. Story of my life. So cute.

    Okay–now onto this post! I recently did a week of no sugar added and it’s hard! It is so crazy how many things have sugar. Um, Mrs. Dash seasoning? What?! I definitely had a few withdrawal headaches but overall, my cravings were reduced drastically. I need to do that again!

    Yay–adding you to my reader now xoxo

    1. Blushing over here.
      Janetha=prom queen. Lindsay=dork with braces. I’m glad you like it. Travis, my husband, made the header. He’s pretty awesome.
      Day 2 and I’m having some withdrawal headaches.