song list – 7/17

I’m sitting on the couch, eating my eggs and spinach bowl.  Going to get ready for church here in a bit.  I wanted to check in and give a quick list to start the day off with.  To start the day off RIGHT.

Our worship song list for this morning.  You see, Travis is the worship leader at our church, Franklin Covenant.  How that came about is an entirely different post (and a wonderful testimony of God’s will), but suffice to say, Travis excels in this job.  I also sing on the worship team (typically melody, nothing fancy).  Our church is non-denominational and Spirit-filled.  It’s full of people who love God and want to serve Him with love, fellowship and testimony to others.  Very low-key and non-political.  Long story short, we love it.

Song List – 7/17/2011

I’ll be back tonight with a little recap of yesterday’s main event:  here’s a hint:



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