so fresh

Guess what I’ve been doing!!!

***Insert off-color Smurf joke here***

(She’s making Smurf jokes on a Wednesday?  You can’t even make out that picture!)

(What if a Smurf was reading this?)

(He’d be laughing on the outside, but on the inside, he’d be crying)


I’ve been picking blackberries!!  FRESH, thorn laden, blackberries!!

Travis watched the kids while I went picking last night.  My loot only turned out to be about a cup and half.  But I’ve got some good ideas for what I want to do with them.  First being this amazing Blackberry Crumble Pie that I had over at Mom and Dad’s on Monday.

Getting my hands on that recipe will require super-sleuthing skills though.  Anytime you ask my Dad for one, he says, “Old family recipe”.  Translation:  “I’m not sharing.”  Urban legend tells of the time when my Grandma shared her boiled custard recipe with some of her grandchildren.  Later on, I looked at my sister’s recipe and it had COMPLETELY different instructions….so as to throw us off the track, I’m guessing.  Those Mashburns are greedy with their gooses.

Anyway, I know where he wrote it down, so if I can get over there, I’m going to make that pie and share it will you all (again, all 3 of you, hi mom!).

Last night, I also found some other FRESH items in our garden!

1 green bell and about 7 jalapenos!

All organically grown by this lovely model.

I swear, Travis made me pose like that.  Then he got FRESH.

(did she seriously just make a sex joke?)

(how un-Christian of her)

(I’ll bet she’s not even a real blogger!)

(I’m leaving)

For you, Travis.  In true Jim Gaffigan form.


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