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creative title, no?

Welcome to Lindsay’s List!!  Or alternatively named, “Naptime Blog”, since that is really the only time I’ll have to write.  With two kids under three, my time is usually spent running around all morning until around 2pm, when they take a nap, and I get some time to myself.

I’m creating this blog as an outlet for myself.  If no one else ever reads it, I’ll be super disappointed that’s fine.  I want to use it mostly to keep track of my eats and workouts, but also just to be able to ramble on about whats going on (and to make sarcastic commentary on society as a whole).  I like the thought of looking back to see what I was doing with my time and how I can make it better, my time that is.  We’re only given a short few years on this Earth and I want to LIVE IT UP (as much as a stay-at-home mom can anyway).

Lindsay’s List – hmmm… I do make several lists a day, usually on scrap paper that I throw out.  I’ll try to get them all on the blog in case anyone is interested, which lets just confess, all bloggers hope that their lives are at least somewhat entertaining or why would they blog, why not just keep a journal.

DISCLAIMER:  I will not always write in list format.  Just putting that out there in case I don’t do a list one day and someone freaks out about my inconsistency.

Sooo…without further ado, my first list.

5 Reasons to Start a Blog:

  • To get free swag

Totally obvious.  Totally self-serving.  Totally awesome.   Here’s how it goes:  Blogger writes about what his/her favorite company/product/car is and ta-da!, someone sends you a free sample in the mail.  Make sure you put links to these people’s pages and really hype up the product.  Do a review and be nice (even if you don’t like said product – you never know what kind of CEO is out there reading YOUR blog, ha).  It’s all so exhausting.  Btw, I think Chobani is da bomb, GNU Flavor & Fiber bars rock my world.   Oh and Apple makes a dope mp3 player!  Moving on…

  • Creative outlet

Because we all need another thing to waste our time on…blogging it is!!  But really, I kinda like the idea of having an outlet that I can use in place of my husband’s ear.

  • To show off your cool stuff/house/family

This one I don’t mind.  Why not put cute pictures of the people and things you love!  So long as you aren’t trying to induce envy..that’s just wrong.

  •   Comment validation

A huge motivator.  You need others to validate that you did, in fact, do an awesome leg workout.  Or that you are, in fact, the world’s greatest oats-in-a-jar maker.  Wait!?!  You added CHERRIES…seriously?!?  You’re so awesome.

(how many did I say I would write? and man, I didn’t mean for this to be SO sarcastic)

  • Last one….Community

Blogging opens up a whole WORLD of people who you would have never met otherwise.  The relationships are invaluable.  I like that we can read what others are doing/thinking/creating and have interaction with them through the internet.  Kinda cool, no?  I hope to make many friends through this venture.

And get lots-o-swag too.  Shout out to Kashi.


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  1. Hi! I love your blog. I am new to the blog community and only found it because I wanted to start a blog for some of the very same reasons as you did. I wanted an outlet where I could write and keep track of my day, exercise and diet. Little did I know how many other people felt the same way as me.
    The idea of free samples and swag doesn’t hurt either – but I am so new I don’t know how to do it? Any suggestions!

    1. Mattie – thanks for reading! I’m not sure how I’ve lucked out in the swag department – I guess I’ve just been really loyal to companies! Once you get a footing, they’ll contact you to do giveaways!